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0002746SpeedFanFan controlpublic2019-07-16 08:30
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Summary0002746: When could a new version of Speedfan be available? Approximate date

Could I ask you when a new version of Speedfan could be launched? Approximate date :-)

Furthermore, I wonder if the new version will solve the problem with Anticheat Battley.

Thank you.
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2019-05-06 13:18

administrator   ~0009243

Battleye anti-cheat is a bit of a pain, because it requires a full refactor of several pieces of code.


2019-05-06 18:46

reporter   ~0009244


Please try to fix it, many people would be very grateful to you :-)

Don't you want Speedfan to charge you for anything? I think people wouldn't be against it.


2019-06-05 00:40

reporter   ~0009266


When could a new version of SpeedFan be available?

Thank you.


2019-06-05 10:23

administrator   ~0009268

Unfortunately, I am currently unable to give a final answer, but I am doing my best.


2019-06-05 16:11

reporter   ~0009269


Thank you for the quick reply :-)

Please try to fix a Anticheat Battley problem

Thank you.


2019-06-06 11:46

reporter   ~0009271

~almico: >>> Battleye anti-cheat is a bit of a pain, because it requires a full refactor of several pieces of code.

Maybe *simple* start / stop button key (direct restart for speedfun.sys) would be a good solution to the problem for now?

...It's very annoying to run the device manager every time you need to stimulate the driver (after battleye unload). :/


2019-06-06 14:35

reporter   ~0009272

It would be great if Almico fixed it.

if I set the fans manually, they still run at 100% for the playing time and cannot be automatically regulated .... Which is quite unacceptable.


2019-06-08 12:21

administrator   ~0009273

I'm afraid it will require a full rewrite of a several parts of code and moving some other parts to the device driver.
Not an easy task.
What's interesting is that they are blaming my device driver instead of any, if any, software using it to offend.


2019-06-08 14:38

reporter   ~0009274

Also, I don't understand the Battley approach.

Anyway, we would be grateful if you would fix it :-)


2019-06-21 01:14

reporter   ~0009281

Please support new Hardware.

Make Speedfan so, that when it detects that Battleeye is launched, Speedfan puts itself into a Sleeping Mode and temporary disables the Driver.


2019-07-16 08:30

reporter   ~0009314

great to read it

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