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0002688SpeedFanInstallationpublic2019-03-14 11:22
ReporterMBLOODK Assigned Toalfredo  
Status assignedResolutionopen 
OSWindowsOS VersionWindows 10 
Product Version4.52 
Summary0002688: after start SF sf freeze and have high CPU usage
Descriptionafter start SF not responding and have high CPU usage
I try reinstall SF with configuration -> same
without configuration -> SF freeze and after few second not responding
different SF location -> same
go back to older windows version -> same

SF works well IDK yesterday? maybe I don't check it, but before works well. I haven't any new software or driver.
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Motherboard ModelMSI Z170A SLI PLUS
Video Card ModelGTX 1070



2018-05-24 19:08


debug.nfo (46,502 bytes)


2018-05-24 19:09

reporter   ~0008533

added debug after SF "runs"


2018-06-08 21:33

reporter   ~0008534

I think i have the same problem, did you find any solution?

SpeedFan 4.52 crashes on startup suddenly after months of working perfectly.
I added '/NOPCISCAN' to the target line and the program starts, but won't detect any gpu sensors, witch is a huge problem in my case :p


2018-06-08 21:38

reporter   ~0008535

unfortunately not and alfredo didn't respond to my mail.
I just set curve in bios, but I have aftermarket cooler and it's not linked to GPU sensor. So same ... huge problem :D


2018-06-09 00:17

reporter   ~0008536

Basically I am having the same issue as you guys. It worked fine for months and then suddenly stopped working (starting but freezing after reaching "Linked ISA BUS at $0290").

So I tried Arthur's suggestion and then it worked like a charm, but obviously without GPU recognition. It isn't a huge deal for me, but still isn't a perfect solution.


2018-06-09 08:11

reporter   ~0008537

OK, with /NOPCISCAN works without GPU. It's a start.


2018-06-10 12:46

reporter   ~0008538

I've fond a solution to my problem at least, but can't seem to get SpeedFan to work tho.
(I guess formating would work, but...)

Since I got a 1080ti with a CPU AIO cooler on it, i need to get the fan cooling the radiator to work with the GPU temp. source.
(and not have to manualy adjust it)

So there's not alot of options in programs and MSI MB app is absolutly useless, but i've found an alternative: Argus Monitor.
It works for my purpose and seems to do everything SF does, but its not free tho.


2018-07-21 10:50

reporter   ~0008599

it's working again.

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