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0002675SpeedFanHardware supportpublic2019-04-01 11:16
Reporterkumba79 Assigned Toalfredo  
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OSWindows Server 2016OS Version10.0.14393 
Product Version4.52 
Summary0002675: No fans/sensors detected on Asus PRIME X370-Pro
DescriptionBuilt a new AMD Ryzen system using an Asus PRIME X370-Pro. However, Speedfan-4.52 cannot detect any of the sensors or fans on the motherboard, nor scan the SMBus. The only thing it can detect is the GPU thermal sensor, fan, and vddc sensor. I used the "send report" feature several days ago, so look for that in your inbox that was sent to. Only opening this bug so I can have a way to track the status of things. I am open to beta-testing any new versions to help resolve this.
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Motherboard ModelAsus PRIME X370-Pro
Video Card ModelAMD Radeon RX 460 (Sapphire)



2018-01-26 23:14


speedfan-nofans-20180126.png (10,180 bytes)   
speedfan-nofans-20180126.png (10,180 bytes)   


2018-01-27 18:48

reporter   ~0008520

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I am experiencing the same problem with my Asus Strix X370-i.
Only the GPU (Sapphire RX 580) and its fans show up, but not the ones connected to the chassis fan connector (the fan is PWM 4-pin, as is the connector).

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