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0002649SpeedFanFan controlpublic2019-05-01 08:53
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Product Version4.52 
Summary0002649: 0% fan speed on startup
DescriptionOverrides BIOS fan speeds to 0% when speedfan starts with Automatic fan speed (checkbox) unchecked (disabled) from previous session.
Steps To Reproduce1. user unchecks automatic fan speed checkbox
2. sets speeds manually to whatever he wants, let's say 100%
3. doesn't check back automatic fan speed
4. restarts the system
5. speedfan overrides default bios speeds with 0, which leads to fans stopping
Additional InformationSolution would be for speedfan, in any circumstance, whether automatic or not, when starting to respect the Speeds policy of the Minimum value x% set in Configure instead of going to 0% overwriting the BIOS values, since it's not instructed to automatically change any speed settings (which it still does, to 0%) OR to initiate its values only if and when Automatic fan speed is enabled for the first time and not on system startup.

On many occasions I've had it happen, now I've hit 80*C on my CPU and the events didn't help. System beeps divert to sound mixer, unlike in XP which uses the mainboard buzzer. Good thing was I checked the screen to see the visual event I've set up. Overall, for automated work or machines which have to work on their own for large periods of time, it's dangerous. It can cause expensive hardware damage with not even a program switch to force startups to turn fans on. All I'm left with are beeps and visual messages as events... which is not ideal. I hope this gets at least some interest in being fixed.
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2017-05-31 23:26

reporter   ~0008491

Update: the issue must stem from the fact that in order for speedfan to be able to control speeds I have to set the sensor's PWM mode form SmartGuardian (BIOS) to software controlled, which means if speeds are not set, BIOS doesn't take over.

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