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0002543SpeedFanOtherpublic2016-07-24 11:25
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Summary0002543: FEATURE REQUEST: Spinup Fans with full speed when 0 rpm is detected.
i hope its ok to do a feature request here.
i run my fans at very low speed and when i stop them with my finger they don't start again.
i heard that fans can overheat and catch fire when they stop and still get power.
for example one of my fans stops and speedfan detects 0 rpm it would be nice to have an option to prevent such a "dangerous" situation.
when speedfan detects that a previous running fan has 0 rpm it switches to 100% as long as it gets a rpm value again.
thank you.
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2016-07-20 01:23


or it increases the fan voltage slowly till it gets rpm value again.
when fan has a rpm value again speedfan sets its speed back to normal operation.


2016-07-24 11:25

reporter   ~0008020

Yes, please!
Either 100% or specified "spin-up"-value. Some fans can run at 30%, but only start at 50%.

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