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0002483SpeedFanHardware supportpublic2016-01-06 00:58
ReporterI_AM_WEASEL Assigned Toalfredo  
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Platformx64OSWin10OS Versionhome
Product Version4.52 beta 
Summary0002483: OPT fans and temperatures not detected
DescriptionOn this board the Optional fan and temperature sensor headers are not detected.
Would it be possible to integrate support for them?
Additional Informationsee screenshot to view detection details by Aida64
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Motherboard ModelAsus Crosshair V Formula Z
Video Card Model



2016-01-06 00:43


aida64.png (24,532 bytes)   
aida64.png (24,532 bytes)   


2016-01-06 00:58

reporter   ~0007940

There is 1 chassis fans detected out of 3, attempting to regulate it affects all 3 chassis fans at once.

Maybe this is of help;grabbed it from aida
ITE SuperIO Port 2E
ITE SuperIO HWMonitor Port 0290
ITE SuperIO Device ID 8721
ITE SuperIO Version 01

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