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0002481SpeedFanHardware supportpublic2016-01-06 00:21
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Product Version4.52 beta 
Summary0002481: AMD K15 'Core' sensor reports 10 degrees celsius.
DescriptionChecking temperatures, there was something odd to see with this sensor.
System is watercooled, but 10 degrees is just.. no way hosé.
Temp 1 reports the temperature just fine,so i guess it's no big deal. Just wanted to report te flaw.
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Motherboard ModelAsus Crosshair V Formula Z
Video Card Model



2016-01-06 00:20

reporter   ~0007939

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this temperature does not rise when i apply CPU load, so it's not an offset problem.
This is with an AMD FX 9590 processor by the way. running stock at 4,7Ghz.

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