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0002454SpeedFanFan controlpublic2019-01-09 07:15
Reporterwalshcm Assigned Toalfredo  
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OSMicrosoft Windows 10OS VersionWindows 10 Pro 
Product Version4.52 beta 
Summary0002454: Z170 Maximus Hero VIII No control over Fan speeds
DescriptionAll fans are now detectable except for the water pump, which is not imperative. I can find my motherboard in the configure tab and change all fans from Smart Fan IV to manual.

After changing I then attempt to add fan curves within the fan control tab. I choose Core0 as my core temps are represented accurately. I then can change the curve and run Prime95. The fans will all spike immediately to 100% during the torture test regardless of the fan curve I set. So no matter what the upper limit of the curve is, the fans will go to 100%.
Additional InformationI have tested every possible setting and even removed Fan Xpert 3, and changed fan bios settings and the issue remains.
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Motherboard ModelMaximus Hero VIII Z170
Video Card ModelGTX 980Ti



2015-11-06 15:35

reporter   ~0007918

Don't forget about the "Warning" values in the Configure - Temperatures tab.


2015-11-06 21:13

reporter   ~0007919

Thanks MaxusR. The only setting I did not touch was the warning values. I went in and changed them to 99 as I do not want my fan speeds based on that and after once again messing with the bios and disabling fan xpert3 service I appear to have control as intended.

Probably would be a good thing to add a disable button on the "warning" values feature under temperatures. Can I close this ticket or does Alfredo have to?

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