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0002446SpeedFanFan controlpublic2019-08-14 14:33
ReporterSim_Sim Assigned Toalfredo  
Status assignedResolutionopen 
PlatformAsus Z170-AOSWin 7 64bits 
Product Version4.52 beta 
Summary0002446: No fan detection
I just downloaded your last SpeedFan 4.52 beta 2.

Instal: perfect

Start: ok :

Win9x:NO 64Bit:YES GiveIO:NO SpeedFan:YES
Found nVidia GeForce GTX 970
Scanning ISA BUS at $0290...
Scanning I2CNVidia SMBus at $3D403E3F...
Scanning I2CNVidia SMBus at $3D403637...
Scanning I2CNVidia SMBus at $3D405051...
Found Samsung SSD 850 PRO 256GB on AdvSMART
Found ST1000DX001-1CM162 on AdvSMART
Found WDC WD6400AAKS-65A7B0 on AdvSMART
INFO : SCSI DISABLED by user or because iaStorA.sys is installed
Found ACPI temperature
Found Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-6600K CPU @ 3.50GHz
Loaded 0 events.
Additional InformationThe 4 core temperatures are 15°C lower (15°C iddle instead of 30°C)
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Motherboard ModelAsus Z170-A UEFI 1003
Video Card ModelMSI GTX970 gaming



2015-10-13 03:03


Offset value.docx (269,362 bytes)


2015-10-13 03:06

reporter   ~0007876

Last edited: 2015-10-13 04:54

If you also get 15°C lower values in load temps, than take a look at the Word file I've uploaded. It's a short term offset solution until a final fix in SpeedFan is made.


2015-10-13 19:36

reporter   ~0007877

Thanks Dh41400 for your support. I tuned the offset to correct the reading of the core temps.
I also notice this beta version 4.52 cant read the voltages (and the fan speeds) of the asus Z170-A.


2015-10-13 20:15

reporter   ~0007878


I also have this issue on a Asus z170 motherboard, the Maximus VIII Hero.

I'm using latest beta and no fan are displayed.


2015-10-13 20:38

reporter   ~0007879

Hi dfxck,

does Speedfan detect the voltages of your mobo ?


2015-10-13 20:41


speedfan.PNG (269,633 bytes)


2015-10-13 20:42

reporter   ~0007880

Last edited: 2015-10-13 20:43

No it does not.
I added a screen capture where we can see that no fan is detected and no voltage is monitored, we can also see that with another software he can see them just fine.


2015-10-13 22:18

reporter   ~0007882

Then your curent solution is Asus FanXpert, because SpeedFan doesn't support fan control for z170. Probably will get support in future SpeedFan versions.


2015-10-13 22:23

reporter   ~0007883

Yeah but that's not an option, i've tried it and it has a huge issue, which is the fact that it doesn't report the cpu temperature accurately, there is sometimes 40 degrees celcius diferrence between what fan xpert 3 is reporting and what every other software is reporting.

It's a know issue, though , but asus seems certain their probe implementation is great, which it isn't. for example: at 4.5Ghz, in full burn ,my cpu is reported at 32 degres celcius!!

anyways, i'll wait for speedfan to support the new chipsets, and for now my fans are at 75% all the time.


2015-10-13 22:38

reporter   ~0007884

Last edited: 2015-10-13 22:39

I have a similar problem with Asus Z97 board, but at least I've got some difference in temperature idle vs. load (32°C vs 37°C), so I've configured fan control like this:


2015-10-13 22:48

reporter   ~0007885

Yeah i don't know what's up with Asus and their temperature readings.

I'm confused, isn't speedfan reading the temps correctly? Why are you at 100% at 40 degrees?


2015-10-13 23:05

reporter   ~0007886

Last edited: 2015-10-13 23:07

Nope, the temperature is off by 20°C in load and by 5°C in idle:

I have managed to work with this until there is a SpeedFan sensor update, so there will be a reding directly from CPU core(s).


2015-10-13 23:13

reporter   ~0007887

Oh Ok then.

Do you know of any reliable software that might actually report the right temps?


2015-10-13 23:53

reporter   ~0007888

None of the SW that can report correct temp can also control the fans.

The only possible solution is to check the BIOS fan control and if it reports correct temp it could be configured to automatically control the fans based on temp change.


2015-10-14 18:51

reporter   ~0007889

I checked the bios, i tried settings the fan curves in bios but it's using the same temp reading as fan xpert it seems.

I'm currently using RealTemp and HWMonitor to monitor temps, they give me the same reading so i'll stuck with those for now, and then compare it with speedfan once it has been updated to support asus z170 chipsets, and hopefully in the end i'll only be using speedfan.

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