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0002420SpeedFanOtherpublic2016-07-19 21:17
ReporterMr Evil Assigned Toalfredo  
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OSWindowsOS Version7 x64 SP1 
Summary0002420: 4.52 beta 2 crash on start
DescriptionOn starting 4.52 beta 2, the computer crashes - black screen, all fans get set to 100%, and a hard-reset is required. After restarting, Windows does an integrity check of drive C, so the crash must be rather abrupt.
Steps To Reproduce1) Install new speedfan.exe over my old copy of 4.51
2) Start SpeedFan
3) A few seconds after SpeedFan detects my GPU, it crashes horribly.
Additional InformationI have attached a copy of debug.nfo from 4.52 beta 2 (as much as it managed to write, anyway), and a copy from 4.51.
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Motherboard ModelAsus Sabertooth 990FX
Video Card ModelSapphire R9 Fury Tri-X


Mr Evil

2015-08-16 13:33

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2015-11-13 08:02

reporter   ~0007921

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I have the same problem.
4.51 works, 4.52 beta2 & beta4 crashes.

Asrock Z97 extreem4, intel 4790k, Sapphire Fury, Win10

Mr Evil

2016-07-19 21:17

reporter   ~0008018

Has this been fixed in 4.52 final? I'm not too keen on testing it myself because of the potential data corruption.

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