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0002413SpeedFanFan controlpublic2019-04-01 11:14
Reporterrancur3p1c Assigned Toalfredo  
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Product Version4.50 
Summary0002413: gradual/graceful fan spindown
DescriptionI would like to be able to specify the maximum fan speed % drop that occurs per second. The drop should be gradual, so if it goes from 50% to 25% it would go 45, 40, 35, etc smoothly. This is more peaceful and relaxing and less machinelike.

Note that I am aware of and asking for something in addition to Hysteresis configuration.

Additional InformationLinear degradation would also sound mechanical and is probably something I definitely don't actually want, so something that looks like the dotted line/curve shown in attached would be good.
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Motherboard ModelGigabyte 970A-UD3P
Video Card Model



2015-07-16 01:05


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2015-07-28 19:41

reporter   ~0007835

I am reminded of two experiences:

*our Mercedes bus rental when our study abroad university class toured Europe had a 'weather' setting on the HVAC for the car. I don't know what the name was, but it had a stormy looking cloud and rain. The vents were controlled by servo motor, and would randomly change direction-- like wind blowing-- and the blower speed would, too-- also just like wind blowing. You knew you were still inside a bus, but the gradual variation in both vent direction and air volume was wonderfully unique, and the variations in white noise created added an extra something to the experience.

*a friend's PC had a CPU fan that gradually changed speeds. Instead of the immediate ramp up on load (distracting), it would change about 20%/second.

Why were these this such a big deal? Because they sounded like wind blowing through trees, not a fan on the CPU heatsink or a car's HVAC unit!!!

Mr Evil

2015-07-29 20:04

reporter   ~0007836

Configure -> Options -> "Delta value for fan speeds"

Set it all the way down to 1 and it takes about 5 minutes to ramp a fan from 100% to 0%.


2015-07-29 21:41

reporter   ~0007837

if it takes 5 minutes, you might have a problem somewhere with your PC...happens just as fast for me.

Mr Evil

2015-07-30 19:14

reporter   ~0007838

It takes 3s for each decrement of fan speed, so 5 minutes in total for 100 steps of 1%. It works the same on all the PCs I have SpeedFan running on (different versions, and different operating systems too). Maybe you have "advanced fan control" turned on?


2015-07-31 23:02

reporter   ~0007839

I agree that this would be a good feature. A sudden jump in fan noise, in either direction, is more noticeable (and annoying) than a smooth change.

On one of my PCs, I'm using the motherboard vendor's fan utility, which allows me to smooth both speed increases and decreases, over a different number of seconds in each direction, separately for each fan. On the other PC, whose motherboard vendor doesn't have such a utility, I'm using Speedfan.

On the PC with smoothing, a brief spike in CPU temperature (for instance) due to a second or two of high CPU utilization produces at most a mildly perceptible change in fan noise, partly because the change in sound is smooth and partly because a brief spike gets smoothed out so that it never fully rises (e.g. if the fan should jump from 25% to 65% and it's set to smooth over two seconds, after one second it's only up to 45%, and if the spike is over, it then falls without ever going all the way up to 65%). On the PC with Speedfan, it produces a very noticeable jump up in fan noise, followed a couple of seconds later by a very noticeable jump down.

Mr. Evil's suggest re delta doesn't work; I already had it set at 1 but the fan speed still jumps all the way at once, in both directions, no matter how large or small that change is. This is on the latest version, 4.51, with advanced fan control.


2015-08-01 07:32

reporter   ~0007840

With advanced fan control Speedfan ignores delta value. It's by design I think.
BTW I don't have any problems with it cause I have a big cooler that is capable of smoothing any temperature spikes.


2015-08-01 16:58

reporter   ~0007841

Speedfan's advanced fan control is a fantastic feature. I know which components are near which fan and can tailor each fan's response to the cooling needs in its vicinity. My other computer's utility doesn't allow this; as far as I can tell, all fans are controlled based on the reading from the temperature sensor in the CPU socket. Score one for speedfan.

But using advanced fan control shouldn't disable delta*. If smoothing isn't a useful feature, it shouldn't be available in any configuration; if it is a useful feature, it should be available in all configurations.

*: and as rancur3p1c points out in note 0007835, there should be a setting for smoothing increases as well. My other computer's utility can do this so clearly it's not an impossible task.

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