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0002264SpeedFanFan controlpublic2019-04-25 16:36
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Summary0002264: CPU fan control not working

Thanks for a great product. It has really help reduce noise on my system.

I have an AMD Phenom II x4 965. It is cooled by an Coolmaster Seidon 120 liquid cooler. The cooler has 2 components the pump and the fan. The pump I have connected directly to the PSU and the fan has a 4 pin connector attached to the CPUFAN connector.

My motherboard is MSI 870g-54 M-7599. It is updated to the latest firmware. It has the CPUFAN connector described above and SYSFAN1 SYSFAN2. Fanspeed detects 2 chips. The one is the south bridge SB 7xx/8xx PM2 which detects 3 fans that are always 0. All PWM/fan speed options on this chip are 0.

The other is the F71889A chip which detects:
Temp1 (near processor)
temp2 (always -128c)
temp3 (other place on board)
Fan 1 which I believe is the sysfan2 connector. I have 2 fans connected to this connector one is an intake and the other an outlet. They cannot be stopped but spin down to ~600RPM, can be varied up to ~2000RPM
Fan 2 which I believe is the sysfan1 connector. This is definitely a fan that I have connected to the side of the case. It stops, can be varied and can spins up to >2000RPM
Fan 3 is my problem. It is the CPUFAN. It does not respond at all to speedfan. It spins at about ~1120RPM. If I load the processor using P95 or OCCT the fan remains at this speed. It sometimes spins up to an amount of 2000RPM, but it is only for a second before it spins down. The processor eventually reaches above 70 and the system becomes unstable. If I spin Fan 2 up to full speed it cools the piping and can drop the processor temp a little.

Bios AMD cool-n-quiet and C1E are enabled. The FSB is overclocked to 220 and the clock multiplier is 19. The processor runs at about 4ghz and the ram at 1.4gz. Vcore, VNB-core, Vdram, VNB and VHT are all elevated but are within acceptable safety ranges. Automatic CPU fan control is disabled. system fan can either be set to 100%, 75% or 50%. I have it set on 100%.

Windows detects cool-n-quiet and C1E and lowers the clock speed if the system is not experiencing processor load.

I have tried to disable the fan3/pwm3 in fanspeed, but the cooler's fan still remains at ~1120RPM and does not respond appropriately to processor heat load.

I've attached an output from OCCT of the fan in question, showing it throttling a bit, but not really responding
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Motherboard ModelMSI 870G-54
Video Card ModelAMD HD 5870



2014-06-23 20:32


2014-06-23-20h18-Fan-FANIN2.png (39,029 bytes)   
2014-06-23-20h18-Fan-FANIN2.png (39,029 bytes)   


2014-08-08 20:29

manager   ~0007436

Can you send me a report using the latest beta available online?
Are you using the correct CPU fan? I mean is it a 4-wire fan in a 4-wire connector?

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