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0002238SpeedFanFan controlpublic2014-04-02 05:07
Reporteroffroad Assigned Toalfredo  
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PlatformPCOSWindowsOS Version7 64bit SP1 Pro
Product Version4.49 
Summary0002238: Fan speed readings are double actual values after Bios upgrade
DescriptionInstalled new MSI A88X-G43 AMD Bolton D4 chipset motherboard.
Installed SpeedFan 4.49 and it was working correctly

Upgraded to latest MSI Bios v3.4 and now SpeedFan Fan Speed readings are double the actual speeds. Verified by both MSI Bios and desktop Command Center.

I have uninstalled SpeedFan and searched for all related files with Revo Uninstaller for total removal then reinstalled, but the fans still read double speed when using SpeedFan.
Steps To Reproduce1. Install MSI A88X-G43 motherboard
2. Install SpeedFan 4.49
3. Upgrade to MSI Bios v3.4
Additional InformationSpeedFan shows F71889A fan sensors
CPU is attached via 4pin motherboard connector
Case fans are powered via Molex Connector and only attached to the motherboard for speed monitoring.

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Motherboard ModelMSI A88X-G43
Video Card ModelAMD A6-5400K APU with Integrated Radeon HD 7540D



2014-03-27 13:12


SpeedFan and MSI Fan Readings.JPG (199,141 bytes)   
SpeedFan and MSI Fan Readings.JPG (199,141 bytes)   


2014-03-27 21:01

reporter   ~0007362

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You can try to set the fan speed divisor (FanX div). Press F1 when Speedfan window is active and read the help topic about Advanced Options.


2014-03-27 22:56


SpeedFan.JPG (44,856 bytes)   
SpeedFan.JPG (44,856 bytes)   


2014-03-27 23:01

reporter   ~0007363

I did set the Fan div for all fans to 2 and that worked for awhile, then I noticed that all fans were reading half actual speed.

Set Fan div back to 1 for all fans and at the moment its reading correctly, but I wonder for how long?

I've attached another screenshot showing SpeedFan is sensing the chipset as an AMD Hudson 2 when its actually a Bolton D4.
This is a new chipset and I'm wondering if Support for it needs to be added.


2014-03-28 08:04

manager   ~0007364

Hello offroad, can you send me a SEND REPORT from SpeedFan's INFO tab, please?
Consider, anyway, that chipset support doesn't influence F71889A readings (unless the latter can't be reached because of lacking chipset support, of course :-)).


2014-03-28 12:43

reporter   ~0007365

Thanks for the support, I've sent the report as requested.
SpeedFan is still showing the proper speeds this morning after reverting back to a Fan div of 1 yesterday.

I have not rebooted the system but have restarted SpeedFan.


2014-03-29 14:28



2014-03-29 14:29

reporter   ~0007366

This morning I noticed that the fan speed readings from SpeedFan are again double the actual speeds. I have uploaded another screenshot and will send another report from SpeedFan.


2014-04-01 12:32

manager   ~0007369

If you are using some other tool similar to SpeedFan, have you tried to see if running either before/indipendently from the other changes reported speeds?


2014-04-02 05:07

reporter   ~0007373

I have three programs that can show fan speeds from the Windows 7 desktop, along with Bios.

MSI Command Center
Open Hardware Monitor

1. MSI Command Center - Always shows the correct fan speeds and agrees with Bios
2. SpeedFan - sometimes shows the correct speed, sometimes double and very seldom half the actual speed.
3. Open Hardware Monitor - Until tonight I had not seen it reporting the incorrect speed (seldom used), but while SpeedFan was showing double the correct speed so was Open Hardware Monitor.

SpeedFan is what I like to use and its always running, lately I've had it setting on the desktop and its usually showing double the actual fan speed but sometimes will show the correct speed. I've seen it change while I was watching it and had not touched anything on the keyboard or mouse.

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