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0002219SpeedFanFan controlpublic2014-08-20 10:51
Reporterkimjansen Assigned Toalfredo  
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PlatformWindowsOS8OS Version8.1 64b
Product Version4.49 
Summary0002219: Fans do not always follow speedcontrol/percentage after Speedfan startup
DescriptionI'm using a Commell LV-67J motherboard ( a Winbond W83627DHG-P IO chip.

Everything seems to configured correctly: I am getting RPM readings from the fans, and I'm able to manually control the fan speed as well as have it automatically controlled by Speedfan depending on GPU/CPU/HDD/system temperatures.

In 8 to 9 out of 10 cases, when the computer starts and Speedfan is loaded the fans will start at 20% and correctly throttle down to 0% (until the temperature rises).

Sometimes when you start the computer and start Speedfan, it will show 20% and will go down to 0% in the GUI, but the fans keep running at 20% in reality. Only when manually changing the throttle (either by value, or by up/down) it will immediately throttle the fans again and continue to function just great as to expected.

I've attached a debug file from when it operates correctly.
Steps To Reproduce1.) Start computer
2.) Start Speedfan
3.) Wait for fans to speed up to 'default' throttle (20% in my case)
4.) Note GUI fan % go down from 20% to 0% while actual fan speed and reported fan speed stay the same
5.) Manually change the fan speed % (up/down or value) to restore Speedfan operating correctly
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Motherboard ModelCommell LV-67J
Video Card ModelGeForce GTX660



2014-02-10 12:07


debug.nfo (170,404 bytes)


2014-02-10 13:00


debug_failure.nfo (168,995 bytes)


2014-02-26 16:58

reporter   ~0007337

Alfredo, a dirty fix to my problem would be if SpeedFan would accept an UDP message for example that allows to increase or decrease the fan speed with x%. I Could then schedule this to happen every minute or so using the Task Manager.

So sending an UDP message, for example "FAN,INCREASE,5" and "FAN,DECREASE,20" to have the fan speed increased by 5% and decreased by 20% respectively.


2014-06-04 11:16

reporter   ~0007399

Would it be possible to respond? I'm considering any option, if I have to pay a small fee for the functionality to have a workaround to this issue I'm happy to do so...

I Do feel that it is something weird that can be fixed in Speedfan, it seems either:
1.) Speedfan counts down from 20% to 0% but does not send out the right messages to the fan controller,
2.) The fan controller does not respond to the messages sent by Speedfan.

In any way, at the moment when you manually press up or down, or when you enter a value by keyboard the fan speeds do change and Speedfan starts to work properly.

Andy Fox

2014-07-31 18:34

reporter   ~0007415

Last edited: 2014-07-31 18:36

I have the same problem, only affects the GPU fan. The GPU fan ignores any automatic SpeedFan changes until I manually change it up or down a notch. After that it behaves as normal.

I assume there is difference between the automatically sent commands and the manual ones.

The CPU fan control works fine from startup, just the graphics card fan that doesn't.

I have an ASUS 4CoreDual-VSTA m/board and ATi Radeon HD3650 AGP graphics card.


2014-08-08 20:13

manager   ~0007425

Interesting issue.
Do you think that trying to delay SpeedFan start by a few minutes might change things? I don't think so, but it would be interesting to check.
My main concern is to be sure that this is not an issue due to BIOS, ACPI or some other tool fiddling with registers while SpeedFan tries to change fan speeds.


2014-08-19 15:30

reporter   ~0007510

Hi Alfredo, for me it doesn't make a difference if I start it delayed (either via a scheduled trigger or manual after 5 minutes or so). I Have no other tools installed except from SpeedFan and the Windows default drivers (no motherboard/network/etc. tools).

What is the difference of SpeedFan changing fan speeds automatically versus when you manually press up/down or provide a %-value? I Am always able to change the fan speed manually, but when it's set to automatically it will only variate the %-indicator, it will not control the actual PWM fan speed.


2014-08-19 15:46

manager   ~0007511

May I ask you to send me a SEND REPORT (INFO tab) using SpeedFan 4.50 Final?

Andy Fox

2014-08-20 10:51

reporter   ~0007515

Hello Alfredo,

The problem I described above happened on every boot, and started when I changed the graphics card to the HD3650 about 6 months ago. The old card was passively cooled so no problems before.

However, about a week ago the problem disappeared. I can think of nothing that changed around that time - hardware, software, firmware and drivers are all unchanged.

The only thing I have been doing recently is installing and configuring Windows 7 on the same PC but with the hard drive physically swapped, so the XP drive has not 'seen' the Win7 drive. I noticed straight away that the Win7 install does not have the problem at all, so assumed it was a timing or driver issue on the XP drive. When I change to the new Win7 drive permanently the XP drive will be retired, but at the moment I am using it daily and still no problems.

As far as I know the ATi Catalyst driver on Win7 doesn't update the firmware on the graphics card, so it may just be coincidence that the problem resolved itself while I was working on the new Win7 install.

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