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0002217SpeedFanS.M.A.R.T.public2014-02-02 14:42
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Platformx86OSWindows XPOS Versionsp3
Product Version4.49 
Summary0002217: High DPC latency querying hard drives
DescriptionI recently started using Speedfan to monitor my PC. After trying other similar programs, Speedfan is the one I prefer.
However, I noticed one minor issue. While running in the background, Speedfan makes audio and video stutter very briefly once a minute. Using DPC Latency Checker (from, I confirmed that Speedfan is causing latency spikes every 65 seconds.
I tried disabling some things in the options and with command-line parameters. The solution was to use /NOSMARTSCAN. Updating the Intel storage drivers (for ich9r) didn't help, nor disabling the jmicron IDE controller.
For now, I can live without monitoring the hard disks.

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Steps To Reproduce1. Monitor DPC latency for a few minutes before starting Speedfan to confirm that there are no latency spikes caused by other programs or drivers.
2. Start Speedfan and monitor DPC latency. Every 65 seconds, it'll spike.
3. Close Speedfan and start it again with /NOSMARTSCAN. No more DPC latency spikes.
Additional InformationI'm using 2 250GB Seagate disks in RAID0 as boot device and a standalone 300GB Seagate disk for document storage. All are connected to the Intel SATA controller.
Attached is a screenshot of DPC Latency Checker taken while running Speedfan.
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Motherboard ModelAsus P5K-E wifi
Video Card ModelPowercolor Radeon HD4830



2014-02-01 18:55


dpc.PNG (24,143 bytes)   
dpc.PNG (24,143 bytes)   


2014-02-01 19:25

reporter   ~0007326

Using PassMark DiskCheckup and smartctl to query SMART info doesn't cause DPC latency spikes. However, those programs can't get detailed info about the disks in the RAID array. If this is caused by querying the RAID disks, would it be possible to disable just that?

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