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0002190SpeedFanUser interfacepublic2013-11-12 11:16
Reportereinhirn Assigned Toalfredo  
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PlatformAMD X2 / MSI k9n platinumOSWindows 7 64-BitOS Version7 64-Bit!?
Product Version4.49 
Summary0002190: Make "Request Admin rights" optional
DescriptionI recently moved from WinXP to Win7 - now I can't use Speedfan any more:
With WinXP I was able to run it with a limited user, no problems except SMART data was missing. But I lived well with that because Fan control was the main use.

Since 4.43 Speedfan requests and enforces Admin rights, which means with Speedfan in Autostart asks for the admin password - so its effectively unusable.

I tried starting it via Task manager, but then the Systray-Icon is not visible. From what I read here, running it as a service doesn't really fix that problem.

Can we have a command line option to run Speedfan without Admin rights?
Steps To ReproduceStandard Windows 7 install. Limited user. Admin with Password set. Start Speedfan, it asks for Admin password.
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Motherboard ModelMSI K9N Platinum (MS-7250) non-SLI
Video Card ModelGeForce GT430



2013-11-12 11:16

manager   ~0007300

Hello, did you have a look at the other threads here about autostarting SpeedFan using the Task Scheduler?

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