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0002140SpeedFanOtherpublic2013-06-30 13:53
Reporterpeterkeb Assigned Toalfredo  
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PlatformIntelOSWindows OS Version7
Product Version4.49 
Summary0002140: Seagate backup plus disconnected when staring speedfan
DescriptionFault summary :

- In my system, I have an external Seagate backup plus drive (2TB) connected to a USB3 port

- It works well before speedfan is started

- A few seconds after I start speedfan, the drive disappears in my computer and I got a warning saying “USB device not recognized”

- When I power cycle the drive, The Seagate backup plus drive keeps working well, until I shutdown Speedfan and start it up again. Then the drive disappears again (fully reproducible).

- I do not saw this issue with a 1TB WD passport connected to the same USB 3.0 port

Steps To Reproduce- stop speedfan

- connect Seagate backup plus drive (2TB) [it works as expected]

- start speedfan : after a few seconds the drive is not reported any more as external drive with error report : “USB device not recognized”
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Motherboard ModelZ77A-G45
Video Card ModelASUS directcu 670



2013-06-29 07:10

reporter   ~0007253

OS details : I am using Windows 7 64 bit edition

Suggestion : is it possible to add a configuration setting to disable external (USB) HD scan ?


2013-06-29 07:13


Config (4,309 bytes)


2013-06-30 13:23

reporter   ~0007255

Thanks for feedback, solves my problem !


2013-06-30 13:53

reporter   ~0007256

To be complete : solved by reply on 0002069 (use option /NOSMARTSCAN)

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