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Summary0002088: Does this motherboard (Asus P5N73-AM) is supported by speedan ? Not in the list but it's the case for others and it's working.

I'll soon have a Asus P5N73-AM with a Core 2 Duo, and wish to control the fan of the CPU with speedfan. Do you think it's possible with a 4pins pwm fan ? It works with this motherboard ?

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Motherboard ModelAsus P5N73-AM
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2013-01-05 21:05

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I don't know about Asus P5N73-AM, but there is no problems with PWM control if speedfan supports your chip.


2013-01-05 22:44

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Thanks for your answer,

The chipset is GeForce 7050/nForce 610i (MCP73V).

Do you think it's supported by speedfan ?


2015-05-01 14:08

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Just go to Configure -> Advanced, select your chip and play with PWM modes. If there is "Software controlled" value then select it. When there is not, you probably won't get it working. But give it a try anyway.

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