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0002062SpeedFanFan controlpublic2012-11-23 11:44
ReporterSYNCRETE Assigned Toalfredo  
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OSWindows 7 (32bit) 
Product Version4.47 
Summary0002062: Only want Speedfan to control chassis fan, not GPU, not CPU
DescriptionForgive me if I cannot find the proper controls as I am new to your program (which is very nice in most all regards).

My temperature and fans are all recognized and controllable - so this problem is the opposite of most peoples...:). After having set them all as controllable though, Speedfan does not seem to want to give up control of the CPU and GPU fans. I would like Speedfan to control the chassis fan (as the motherboard controller doesn't seem to have the CPU temp influencing the chassis fan speed at all). Otherwise though, I would like the motherboard controller to control the CPU fan and the GPU to control the GPU fan as if Speedfan wasn't even installed.
When these fans have the "automatically variated" checkbox, the speed checkbox, and the fan checkbox all unselected in the configure menu, they will still stay at the last manually selected speed (100% and 20% for the CPU and GPU, respectively). This is even the case after restarting Speedfan and a reboot - the fans will briefly be controlled by the motherboard/GPU until Speedfan starts, but will be statically be set to the last set values after it starts. Is there a way to totally relinquish control of these fans back to the motherboard and GPU, but keep control of the chassis fan?

Thank you very much!
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Motherboard ModelGigabyte GA-MA78GPM-DS2H
Video Card ModelAMD 7850 OC 2GB



2012-11-05 19:08

reporter   ~0007103

That was possible a few versions ago. But in latest releases there is no option to disable speedfan control. At least if Advanced Fan control is enabled.


2012-11-23 11:44

manager   ~0007118

Interesting request. Could you, please, upload the output of a SEND REPORT (SpeedFan's INFO tab)? I would like to see the current hardware settings the fan control chip.

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