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0002025SpeedFanConfigurationpublic2012-08-02 17:38
ReporterDavidGGG Assigned Toalfredo  
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Product Version4.44 
Summary0002025: Feature request
DescriptionIt would be good if it was possible to have optional password protection that protected 3 things: entering config, removing tick for "auto fan speed" and exiting. Because I think it's nice for the customer to be able to see SpeedFan in the tray.

The reason for the password is not secrecy, it is just to avoid children changing setup etc. It might e g be a fixed simple password.

Alternative to password might be a keypress that involves several keys, e g a popup that says "press ctrl-X to proceed" or something like that. Just enough to prevent anyone from doing these things by accident or a child doing it.

(Not sure if this is the right place for feature requests but it says "feature" under "severity", and I have seen many other feature requests here.)
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2012-08-02 17:38

manager   ~0007043

This is something I am considering.

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