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0002024SpeedFanHardware supportpublic2012-08-06 21:02
Reportermomo Assigned Toalfredo  
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Platform(x64) (build 7600)OSWindows 7 OS VersionHome Premium
Product Version4.46 
Summary0002024: Speedfan freezes during scanning resources
Descriptionfirst time i use speedfan scan my Dell 1557 studio laptop but next time freeze during scan. I tried using /NOSMBSCAN & /SMDEBUG using the instructions in the help file, but freeze again. when i run speedfan without these switchs scan hang on ==>scanning ISA BUS at $0290..
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Motherboard ModelDell Inc. 0KM426 A09, Bus Clock: 133 megahertz, BIOS: Dell Inc. A09 03/30/2011
Video Card ModelATI Mobility Radeon HD 4570



2012-07-31 22:49


debug.nfo (3,100 bytes)


2012-08-02 17:40

manager   ~0007044

Could you, please, try:




2012-08-02 22:12

reporter   ~0007045

Last edited: 2012-08-03 00:04

when i use /NOPCISCAN /NODELLSCAN /NOSMARTSCAN SpeedFan run correctly with no problem.
also with /NOPCISCAN /NODELLSCAN run correctly.
furthermore with /NOPCISCAN alone run correctly.
I run SpeedFan with latter switch, Program only detect GPU fan, but my change did not effect, i send report with SpeedFan report sender.
thanks for your attention.


2012-08-03 10:29

manager   ~0007046

Did you try the other switches alone?


2012-08-03 16:17

reporter   ~0007047

yes with /NOSMARTSCAN alone hang on.
but with /NODELLSCAN alone Speedfan run, still cant control my GPU Fan!


2012-08-06 21:02

manager   ~0007053

Can you upload here the output of a SEND REPORT (INFO tab) when using /NODELLSCAN?

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