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0002021SpeedFanFan controlpublic2012-07-27 01:49
Reporterdieghera Assigned Toalfredo  
Status acknowledgedResolutionopen 
PlatformPCOSWindowsOS Version7
Product Version4.47 beta 
Summary0002021: Maximus V Gene - CAN'T CONTROL FANS, but temps are ok.
DescriptionHi Alfredo.

First of all, sorry for my english.
I've already send you 2 e-mails reporting this problem.
In version 4.46 nothing works for me. No temps, no control, nothing.
Now in 4.47 beta 4 my chip was detected, temps are right (compared with AIDA64), but still can't control the fans.
BIOS let me control through QFan, and Windows let me control through Fan Xpert 2.
I really hope you should improve Speedfan and fix it. For me and all the Maximus V Gene users.
Tks so much.
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Motherboard ModelMAXIMUS V GENE Z77 (socket 1155)
Video Card ModelGTX 560 Ti HAWK 1GB



2012-07-26 19:14

manager   ~0007032

Did you enter CONFIGURE / ADVANCED and set PWM MODE to MANUAL?


2012-07-27 01:49

reporter   ~0007037

Shame on me... really sorry... I did that now, and it´s working fine.
Can I ask you just one more thing? Using Fan Xpert 2 (that I don´t like) I can increase the RPM of my front Fan to a very high speed. The original information of this front 200mm fan is 1000rpm, but at 100% it can reach just 742rpm in speedfan. There is any way to fix it?
All the others fans is working good.

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