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0002019SpeedFanHardware supportpublic2013-03-28 18:11
ReporterFunkmobile Assigned Toalfredo  
Status acknowledgedResolutionopen 
PlatformAsus Maximus V FormulaOSWindowsOS Version7
Product Version4.47 beta 
Summary0002019: Asus Maximus V Formula Not Compatible w/ semi working workaround
DescriptionTried the 4.47 beta 2 but is not compatible with the Asus MaximusV Formula without a workaround. The workaround is to first load CPUID Hardware Monitor then load speedfan. It is then speedfan will be able to properly detect then mobo fan and temperature sensors.
This is only semi working because you can only control half the fans:


You can't control
This software combo is able to disable and.override Q-fan functionality however.making.changes to fan curves in fan xpert 2 will override speedfan windbond fan sensor settings requiring you to make changes to speedfan once again

GPU Temp Sensor good
CPU Sensor not reporting.same as Asus ai
Core1-4 temp sensor reporting incorrect below 35 celcius
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Motherboard ModelAsus Maximus V Formula
Video Card ModelEVGA GTX 680 Superclocked Signature 2



2012-07-25 08:47

manager   ~0007019

It would be great if you could upload the output of a SEND REPORT before and after running CPUID. Did you try the latest beta 4?

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