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0002008SpeedFanFan controlpublic2012-07-02 19:14
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PlatformAMD A8OSWindows7 x64OS VersionSP 1
Summary0002008: Speedfan stops working - Speed is lower than min
DescriptionHi, I have set up speedfan to let the cpu fan (pwm) run at min 55% which is about 1300 rpm. Yesterday I have experienced a situation where the CPU tem was warned as too high but the rmp was stuck at about 800 rpm. Increasing the percentages, setting from automatic to manual or shutting down speedfan didn't help. After a reboot all was fine again (only that I had to let the machine cool down before it started again).

I have experienced this twice in the last 4 weeks (that is the time I have the machine).
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2012-06-30 13:20

reporter   ~0007006

I can add the following: This happens to me when I wake up the computer from standby - not always but quite a few times in the meantime. I have set an alarm in Speedfan to inform me about fan speeds below the actual possible minimium. Right now I read 600 rpm even though the speedfan min limit is around 1300.


2012-07-02 19:14

reporter   ~0007009

More information:
This problem occurs when I wake the computer from standby very quickly. Chances are that the fan is still spinning - I don't know.
Speedfan has no control anymore and fan is slow (maybe bios controlled). I cannot influence speed by stepping the percantages.

When I restart Speedfan (without a reboot) control is back (!). But fanspeed is still too slow. I can step speed to 100% and it changes but max speed is not "normal" max speed - it's much slower. 55% is about 600rpm even though it should be about 1300.

Rebooting makes everything normal again.

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