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0000020SpeedFanConfigurationpublic2004-10-21 09:05
ReporterScott Assigned Toalfredo  
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Platformx86OSWindows XP 
Summary0000020: Fan divisor problem with A7N8X-E Deluxe / Asus ASB100
DescriptionWith the A7N8X-E Deluxe board, the Asus ASB100 / Fan1 / nForce2 SMBus / $2D fan divisor needs to be 4, but is stuck on 2.
Steps To Reproduce1) Use A7N8X-E Deluxe board (perhaps others that use the Asus ASB100; I don't know).

2) Note that SpeedFan 4.13 displays the CPU fan speed (i.e. the fan plugged into the CPU_FAN1 header) at twice the actual value.

3) Go into Advanced options, and select "Asus ASB100 at $2D on nForce2 SMBus" from the drop-down menu.

4) Change the Fan1 divisor to 4, have the setting remembered, and click OK.

5) Note that the CPU speed shown has not changed.
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2004-06-24 11:28

manager   ~0000068

This is extremely interesting. Nobody ever told me that fan divisors were stuck on 2. This helps me. I hope to be able to fix this issue.


2004-06-25 06:30

reporter   ~0000072

just checked, the fan divisors are remembered in the UI but they're not effective in the calculations.


2004-06-25 11:39

reporter   ~0000074

ran into more "results" while playing with my cooling setup.
I started motherboard monitor, adjusted the "fan type" (not the divisors) and then quit. then I started speedfan, now it reads/calculates the fan speeds correctly. (probably until next restart :) )


2004-08-27 16:01

reporter   ~0000293

I have the same problem:

Fan1 (CPU fan) reports twice the speed; Fan3 (PSU fan) also does.

Tried to change the fan divisors (2 by default) on advanced options "Asus ASB100 at $2D on nForce2 SMBus": using 4 as divisor readings remain the same; using 1 readings are 0 RPMs.

Also tried to change the fan divisors on "Winbond W83791D at $2F on nForce2 SMBus": they can't be modified.


2004-08-30 09:18

manager   ~0000294

DISQ: cold you send me a SEND REPORT before using MBM5, then use MBM5 to change FAN TYPES (which are the available options?) and then send me a final SEND REPORT again?
Please, drop me an email to let me know you just did it.


2004-08-30 23:39

reporter   ~0000297

Last edited: 2004-08-30 23:46

As you asked to DISQ:

-I open SpeedFan; it reports fan speed twice it should be.
-First report sent.
-I open MBM5; it reports fan speed as it should be (~4000rpm).
    CPU fan (FAN1) configuration:
    fan types available: *2, /1, /2 (current), /3, /4... /10
    divisors available: 1, 2, 4 (current), 8, 16... 128
-I select "2" divisor on MBM5 and apply. Neither MBM5 or SpeedFan readings change, but SpeedFan now reports 2 as FAN1 divisor.
-"4" divisor again: No change (just the divisor).
-"8" divisor: No change (just the divisor).
-I go back to 4 divisor, and switch to "/4" fan type: No change on SpeedFan (~8000rpm), MBM5 now reports half speed (0000617:0002000 rpm).
-"/1" fan type: SpeedFan still reports about 8000rpm, now MBM5 also does.
-I finally set "8" divisor and "/2" fan type and send the second report.

    Divisor changes don't work.
    MBM5 reports it ok thanks to "fan type" (witch divides it manually).

From MBM5 help:
"Fan Type

Some Fans will show a too high RPM or a to low RPM as the pulses they send per second don't match what the sensor chip expects.

There are 11 settings, /1 to /10 which divide the readings by that amount and *2 which muliplies the reading by 2. Default setting for 99% of all boards will be /1"

My CPU fan is a TITAN D5TB CU35/SC (

edited on: 08-30-04 23:46


2004-10-21 00:45

manager   ~0000400

I've just added support for manual multipliers and divisors for each fan. This will fully fix your issue with A7N8X. There are 10 (from 1 to 10) available multipliers and 10 (from 1 to 10) available divisors. This way you can use, say, 3/7 or 1/2 or 9/5 :-)
Drop me an email if you would like to try the latest beta. Please, make sure to use an email address where you can receive a 1MB zip file containing an EXE.


2004-10-21 09:05

manager   ~0000401

The fix will be in version 4.18.

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