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0001993SpeedFanOtherpublic2012-08-11 17:34
ReporterRoadToNever Assigned Toalfredo  
Status acknowledgedResolutionopen 
PlatformGigabyte Sandy Bridge EFI updateOSWindows 7 64-bit 
Product Version4.46 
Summary0001993: BSOD on program start after EFI upgrade
DescriptionBSOD page "fault in nonpaged area" directly after program start, even with /nosuperio and /nosmartscan. This happens after updating bios to beta EFI U1B provided by Gigabyte represenatatives(actually upgrades legacy BIOS to EFI). Sadly this EFI upgrade cannot be reverted. I would love to somehow collect and upload data for what goes on during program start, please let me know how this is done.
Additional InformationFeel free to send me email regarding the issue:
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Motherboard ModelGigabyte Z68XP-UD4
Video Card Model



2012-05-29 21:42

reporter   ~0006993

Last edited: 2012-05-29 21:42

Went through versions 4.45 4.44 and 4.47beta. Same results.


2012-05-30 10:02

manager   ~0006996

Beta sent.


2012-06-13 21:33

reporter   ~0007003

Was able to revert to Legacy(-ish) BIOS with third party tools. Hopefully Gigabyte will have ironed out the kinks in the official EFI releases coming in the next 4 weeks and if not let this be a heads up.


2012-07-29 11:22

reporter   ~0007040

Sorry if this is the wrong way to do this, but I didn't want to make a new case for something looking like the same issue.

I seem to experience the same issue with my ZOTAC Z68ITX-A-E after latest EFI BIOS update (Version 2K120619) with support for Ivy Bridge. Running Win7 x64.

Speedfan worked fine with prior BIOS, but now produce same sort of BSOD as described by RoadToNever above.
Tested 4.47beta4 and 4.46. Both fails. Tried the no scan switches, but not combined.

If you like minidump or similar to confirm and analyse, let me know. I can also test betas.


2012-08-06 21:04

manager   ~0007054

Can you contact me by email, please? (alfredo [at]


2012-08-11 17:34

reporter   ~0007065

I have the same issue, with same board, Gigabyte Z68XP-UD4 but mine has a newer version of EFI bios, U1g

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