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0001970SpeedFanFan controlpublic2012-04-13 11:48
Reporterkubiekdriehoekje Assigned Toalfredo  
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PlatformMSI P55-GD80 (MS-7581 ver. 1.1)OSWindows 7OS VersionSpeedfan 4.40
Product Version4.46 
Summary0001970: ATI GPU Fan speed control issue
DescriptionAt startup the GPU fan keeps spinning at approx. 2100rpm, until one manually change the speed down one step, afterthat it is all ok.

Might be related to:

Version is 4.46, not 4.47!
Additional Information446b2 did not seem to have this issue, but since that is datetime crippled no means to verify...
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Motherboard ModelMSI P55-GD80 (MS-7581 ver. 1.1)
Video Card ModelSaphire 5870 Vapor-X (Catalyst 12.3)



2012-04-13 11:34

reporter   ~0006924

Just checked:
2100rpm is the speed at 50% int ATI CCC. So it seems it is the same problem as in bug-report 1943.

Might be caused by CCC being started after Speedfan and so setting it to its initial 50% setting...


2012-04-13 11:47

reporter   ~0006925

Just did a shutdown and start of the system and no problem now. So it could be a startup order issue with CCC.

I set the speed to 30% in CCC->AMD Overdrive, to see if it would use that setting.

Wow, while typing this note fanspeed went up from 1100rpm to 1400rpm, which is 30%!

Seems CCC is doing a very late set to of the speed...


2012-04-13 11:48

reporter   ~0006926

Simple solution: Set fanspeed to 20% in CCC->AMD Overdrive

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