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0001963SpeedFanFan controlpublic2012-03-24 00:46
ReporterFredC Assigned Toalfredo  
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OSWindows 7(32Bit) 
Product Version4.46 beta 
Summary0001963: CPU0 & System Fan adjust Speed accordingly but CPU1 Fan cannot adjust speed always at 100%
DescriptionI am using double Fans for CPU heatsink. And CPU1 fan can detect the RPM and Temp. stuffs like that but the speed is always at 100%.

CPU0 Fan is working/auto adjusting according to how I set it 67-100% but CPU1 Fan is not adjusting at all.
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Motherboard ModelAbit IP35
Video Card ModelGeForce MX 460



2012-03-23 19:29


debug.nfo (226,039 bytes)


2012-03-24 00:46

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* It looks like all my Fan's speeds do not change according to how I set them in SpeedFan. SFan is not changing my Fan's speed, it's the BIOS or something else.

* I also found the Speed(%) of Fan has not refreshed properly in Readings. When my fan has slowed down, it is still showing 100%. I need to uncheck one of the CPU speed, click OK, then it is refreshed.

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