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0001961SpeedFanFan controlpublic2012-03-22 01:01
Reporterhellomelon Assigned Toalfredo  
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PlatformWindowsOSWindows 7 SP1OS Version64bit
Product Version4.45 
Summary0001961: ATK0110 no Fan Control
DescriptionI can see all temps (CPU, Aux, System,GPU , MB, NB, HDD). But only the Fans Controlled by the Winbond W83667HG SuperIO Chip are adjustable in speed( and are shown as Speed0,Speed1,Speed2,Speed3). The ATK0110 Controlled Fans(like CHA_1-3 Fans, the 2nd CPU Fan) are not adjustable in Speed and there isnt even a Speed Marker for them. Furthermore the ATK0110 Fans are Shown with Adress $0 in Settings.
Things I've tried:
-Enable/Disable Q-Fan in Bios -> don't work
-Download a Configuration File -> there is no
-Download newest beta -> problem persists
-Install the ATK0110 Driver -> problem persists

I've included the debug.nfo as well as 3 Screenshots of the Settings and the main Window.
Steps To ReproduceJust open it.
Additional InformationScreenshots:
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Motherboard ModelAsus Rampage II Extreme
Video Card ModelSapphire Radeon HD 4890 Vapor-X 2GB



2012-03-21 20:50


debug.nfo (100,904 bytes)


2012-03-21 21:17

reporter   ~0006896

Why would you want to control via ATK and not WinBond? I don't see what the benefit might be.

I get the feeling that the ATK stuff is always read only anyway...


2012-03-21 22:07

reporter   ~0006897

my mainboard has 7 3 Pin Fan connectors:
3x Chassis(CHA_FAN1 - 3)
3x Optional Fan(OPT_FAN1-3)

and i only have 4 speeds. 1 Speed for all 3 CHA_Fans and 2 Speeds refer to fan that aren't connected and the 4th is for my Graphics. Strange thing about that is that the 2nd Speed is assigned to the CPU Fan and it actually the speed of 3! Fans at once. Furthermore i'm not able to control both cpu fans which are connected to the CPU_Fan Connecter and the PWR_fan Connecter.


2012-03-21 22:12

reporter   ~0006898

Most ASUS boards have chassis fan and option fans WIRED together, so there is no way to control them independently. It's a limitation of how ASUS wired the boards. That's why you only have 4 speeds. One of them is probably unused.

PWR_FAN is not controllable. Again, it's how ASUS implemented it.

CPU_FAN can be controlled. I couldn't control it on my board until I changed the PWM Mode of all PWMs to Manual. Check the WinBond settings under CONFIGURE->ADVANCED->Winbond chip.

My guess is that one of your speeds is unused by ASUS. The other three control the CPU, all Chassis fans and all option fans. Try changing the speeds and see which fans respond, then label them appropriately.


2012-03-21 22:31

reporter   ~0006899

you are my hero :) thats what i've missed. if i change the pwn mode 1 to Manual then i'm able to control the Chassis Fan peferct via the Speed01 Toggle, the Speed04 toggle(my graphic card) also works like a charm. but i can't get my cpu fan controlable. under Settings-> The Sensor CPU is assigned to Speed02 but i've tried every combination under PWM Mode 2 and the Fan connected to the CPU_Fan Connecter(which is as i've found out a 4 pin connector) won't respond, furthermore the speed is shown as zero. any idea?


2012-03-21 22:33

reporter   ~0006900


I believe the CPU fan must be a 4 pin fan for it to be controllable via the 4 pin header. a 3pin fan won't be controllable :(


2012-03-21 22:37

reporter   ~0006901

-.- that's really ridicolous -.- maybe it would work if i connect the 2 cpu fans to the OPT_Fan connectors? ah wait i'll try it.


2012-03-21 22:45

reporter   ~0006902

That should work via one of the speeds, I think.


2012-03-21 22:54

reporter   ~0006903

ok now they are recognized as OPT_FAN1 and OPT_FAN3 but still no control via Speed02 or Speed03, PWM MODE is all on Manual, should i try to change it? or is this maybe because the CPU Fans are Noctua ones and the Chassis fans are Revoltec ones?


2012-03-22 01:01

reporter   ~0006904

Hmm, are you sure the PWM's are still set to manual? If you don't check the 'remember it' check box it will get set back.

Do you know if Qfan will control the opt fans? If it can, speedfan can probably control them.

I don't think fan brand should matter too much.

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