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0001937SpeedFanOtherpublic2012-02-15 15:42
Reporterscottpost4 Assigned Toalfredo  
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PlatformMicrosoftOSWindowsOS Version7 (64-bit)
Product Version4.45 
Summary0001937: Uninstallation causes fan speeds to stay at 100%
DescriptionWhen uninstalling speedfan, the next time the computer restarts, after the computer reaches the point where it would load any "startup programs", all fans in the computer go to maximum rpm. No startup programs are actually causing this, won't even go back to normal if I rollback the system.
Steps To ReproduceInstall program. Uninstall program. Restart Computer.
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Motherboard ModelGateway H57M01
Video Card ModelATI Radeon HD 5850



2012-02-14 09:37

manager   ~0006831

Odd issue. Are you sure you properly uninstalled SpeedFan? Nothing that SpeedFan does can survive a power cable removal. According to your description, there is some software on your system that is speeding up fans. If SpeedFan is no longer running this can't be caused by SpeedFan being run in the past.


2012-02-15 09:46

reporter   ~0006840

Last edited: 2012-02-15 09:50


i have the same problem as this one.
- I've installed speedfan to check the temperatures on a freshly installed windows 7 64 BIT.
- I've adjusted the fans in the main screen to see which fan chances. Then i changed them back to normal (25). Automatic fan speed was still ticked on.
- after a restart the next morning my ATI card always runs at 50% fanspeed.
- Before i installed speedfan i never EVER heard the fan this loud after windows was fully loaded and nosepicking. (when the desktop loads, and it starts the programs defined in start-up).
- I removed speedfan and it keeps going to 50% at startup and i cant seem to find it where and how its adjusts, there is nothing installed.
- I removed it using the program and features setting and clicked on uninstall program with all user settings. And it still does it.
- There is NO 3rd party software influencing it. it's a fresh Windows 7 64 bit with all updates. It ran perfect before i installed speedfan.

Hardware specs:
Asus Sabertooth x58 / I7 950@3.07Gz / 24GB ram / Latest vendor Bios installed.
ATI HD6970

I would like to know where and how you modify the registry and how i can restore this!


2012-02-15 10:26

manager   ~0006841

Hello preatorianer,
Your is a completely different issue. The original one talks about "all fans". What ATI driver are you using? It looks like your version is considering sticky the manual setting. This shouldn't happen. I have heard that some driver versions do have this glitch. Just open CCC and set the fan speed change back to auto.


2012-02-15 14:29

reporter   ~0006842

Hello again. I have figured out how to fix the issue.

ATI GRAPHICS CARD FAN: For the graphics card, it seems speedfan enables the "manual fan control" option in the ATI catalyst application. Unchecking the "allow manual fan control" option allows the fan to resume automatic (and silent) operating speeds until more cooling is needed. The only way to do this, unfortunately, is by going to the ATI overdrive section of the catalyst software, and click accept on the agreement that appears (WARNING: this means acknowledging that you're accepting the chance you might void any warranty on the card by changing these locked settings). This will open up some settings for you to tweak. The bottom one, in my case, was the previously mentioned check box for manual fan control. When unchecked, everything went back to normal. Uninstalling the catalyst software doesn't work. installing the latest or older catalyst software and drivers doesn't work either.

ALL OTHER FANS: As for the other fans in my case. I manually switched the jumper to clear the cmos and that reset all other fan speeds to normal.

It still scares me a little that speedfan modified a setting of the graphics card that I then had to break a warranty to reset. Also, thanks to the help from Alfredo, and no I had no other software that was controlling fan speeds, checking temperatures, etc. and yes I uninstalled speedfan spotlessly, and even, as I said, tried recovering the system to an earlier time (thus restoring any files speedfan may have overwritten) but still no luck. Glad its fixed! Good luck preatorianer.


2012-02-15 15:42

reporter   ~0006843

Last edited: 2012-02-15 15:43

Alfredo & Scottpost4,

I can confirm that 'breaking the warrenty' and entering overdrive to restore the fan control works. I surely hope this is something you will fix in a future release. Since i cant say this is a nice workaround to have to break warrenty to restore its original function.

- Yes in my case it was 'just' the ATI fan and not any case fans.
- Just like Scottpost4, i've restored the system to 'prior installation of speedfan' and it still didnt work.
- Tried deinstalling/reinstalling or even downgrading the ATI driver+CCC but all didn't work.

Only way to restore it is to 'break the warrenty' and active the AMD overdrive menu to reset the fan control.

Minus point in my humble opinion, software that requires a user to break its warrenty to restore its original function is not appreciated.

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