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0001928SpeedFanConfigurationpublic2012-02-26 21:20
ReporterMaaarc Assigned Toalfredo  
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OSWindows 7OS VersionUltimate x64 
Product Version4.45 
Summary0001928: Wrong temperture monitoring
DescriptionHi there,
First of all, thank alfredo for this program that I've been using almost for 8 years. Excuse my english too.
I reported the following:
My temperature readings went wrong randomly using the following system:
Intel E8400 + Asus P5q3 deluxe.
Sometimes the CPU temp and MB temps went to -111º, -56º, -97º, ...
I've discovered that when the reading are "ok" the advanced Winbond chip settings are those:
Temperature sensor diode 1 ------------ Thermistor (00)
Temperature sensor diode 2 ------------ Internal diode
Temperature sensor diode 3 ------------ Thermistor (01)
(I have the "remember it" box checked on this three lines)
Here goes what I reported:
When the readings went wrong this 3 lines changed randomly to other set, like this:
Temperature sensor diode 1 ------------ Thermistor (01)
Temperature sensor diode 2 ------------ Internal diode
Temperature sensor diode 3 ------------ Internal diode
This is an example, any set different of the first I've post, results in wrong temp readings, and result of this, bad fan speeds.
I don't know why the settings changed if the "remember it" box is checked.
The settings restores if I suspend and wake-up the computer, showing good temps again.
Now I've discovered that seting back this advanced lines to the right setup solves the readings.
I think that something is changing the config even though the "remember it" box is checked.
For now, when I get bad readings I change the config manualy to the right one.
Any help or idea will be welcome.
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Motherboard ModelAsus P5Q3 Deluxe
Video Card ModelCF HD4890



2012-01-21 16:58

reporter   ~0006804

Maybe my bios setting on q-fan (enabled) is wrong
I've disabled QFAN, I will see if it helps


2012-01-23 20:53

manager   ~0006810

Interesting. Are you using some other similar tools while running SpeedFan?


2012-01-25 15:11

reporter   ~0006814

I'm using Lavalys Everest Ultimate too.
Since I've disabled QFAN seems that everything is going fine (although I don't like 100% fan speeds at startup).
In the past sometimes all went fine for weeks till the problem pop up again.
I'll report how is going from now because of the reproducibility of the problem.


2012-01-26 12:17

reporter   ~0006816

Last night the issue happened again, so QFAN disabling didn't help.
I'll try to not use Everest for a while, I will see if it works...


2012-02-18 02:00

reporter   ~0006856

After three weeks without using Everest (have tested AIDA64 too) no more speedfan issues have occurred. So seems that this software is the cause of all this.
Maybe someone here could suggest me an alternative to everest/aida, for monitoring in a "desktop gadjet" way, parameters like those:

CPU freq. FSB freq. CPU Multiplier. CPU Power. RAM freq. RAM Divider. RAM Timings. GPUs freq. GPUs Mem freq. All temps, voltages and fan speeds.

In my early times I used "Motherboard Monitor" then changed to everest.
Now, would be nice to have a complete monitoring tool compatible with Speedfan.
Thanks in advance


2012-02-26 21:20

reporter   ~0006865

I've had a similar problem with Rivatuner and SpeedFan. I found out it was a conflict (akin to a race condition) at startup: since both tools were set to run automatically from the Startup folder, sometimes their initialization sequences overlapped, and weird things happened.

From your description of the symptoms, I suspect you have the same issue with Everest.

I solved my problem by running both tools from a batch file, and make sure the initialization of the first one is finished before the second one starts up.

The way this could be done in your case depends on how Everest is started up: does it have a service, or is it similar in structure to SpeedFan (one executable handling both the hardware monitoring and user interface), or some other combination.

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