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0001912SpeedFanHardware supportpublic2019-12-23 11:32
ReporterCooperdale Assigned Toalfredo  
Status acknowledgedResolutionopen 
PlatformAsus p9x79 deluxeOSW7OS Version64 bit
Product Version4.45 
Summary0001912: Missing fans
DescriptionThe motherboard P9x79 Deluxe by asus has 6 fan connectors. I am using them all: there is a cpu fan, cpu opt fan, and 4 chassis fans.

Speedfan reports the cpu fan, the cpu opt fan (as aux fan), the chassis fan 1 as Sys fan.

Then there are two other aux1 and aux2 fans with 0 rpm reported (while they are actually rotating quite fast).

So to sum it up there are 3 chassis fans wrong/missing (2, 3 and 4 on the motherboard): two of them are reported with 0 speed and one of them is not listed at all.

Also, I do not see the nvidia card fan speed, is it supposed to be there?
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Motherboard ModelAsus p9x79 deluxe
Video Card ModelNvidia 590gtx



2011-12-02 16:03

reporter   ~0006710

Oh, this is probably relevant. Aside from a logsense error for a disk (Marvell drivers fault, I guess), here is the only error I get during scanning:

WARNING: bad Winbond($5CA3,$C1) identify (NCT6776F,W83677HG-I)
NCT6776F (ID=$C1) found (using SuperIO) on ISA at $290


2011-12-03 08:44

manager   ~0006715

Please, either upload here the output of a SEND REPORT, or send the report to me. Remember to include a reference to this issue in the report.


2011-12-03 09:01

manager   ~0006716

I have a beta for you to try. Please, contact me by email.


2012-07-07 06:46

reporter   ~0007014

I have acquired a P9X79 Deluxe, running W7 x64, and I am looking forward to help you make SpeedFan compatible with it.

The fan chips report as "Nuvoton NCT6776F"; otherwise I'm not sure what else to provide for the moment being.


2014-12-20 15:39

reporter   ~0007658

Was a fix ever found? I also have the same issue


2014-12-20 15:55

reporter   ~0007659

@patrickatthebatcomputer3: I don't think so, but I ended up using FAN Xpert+ included in the ASUS AI Suite II, it gives you a good degree of control.

It allows you to adjust a "power % / CPU temp" curve for the CPU fan and Chassis 1, 2, 3, and 4. The CPU fan has a lower cap of 20%, and Chassis 40%.


2014-12-20 16:00

reporter   ~0007660

Bummer, I has trying to get around the caps and also control my GPU fans all within one program. Thanks for the quick response.


2014-12-20 16:02

reporter   ~0007661

It is possible to work around the caps by editing the XML config file.


2014-12-20 16:04

reporter   ~0007662

Really? Do tell.


2014-12-20 16:22

reporter   ~0007663

Last edited: 2014-12-20 16:45

C:\Program Files (x86)\ASUS\AsusFanControlService\1.00.11\FanStore.xml

Set the fans you want to control in User mode from FAN Xpert, adjust the graph temps at the levels you need them to be and apply the settings for each fan, close the AI Suite window, then exit AI Suite from the tray.

Open the XML, and you will see the temp and speed values for each profile at the bottom. Modify them to your liking; temps are 0-100 and speeds 0-255, the latter being proportionally scaled to 0-100 when displayed on the graph, so for example 102 / 255 = 40%.

Save the XML, reboot, and normally your fans should be running at the speeds you set, regardless of the cap. If you try to adjust them again from the graph, they will snap back to the cap limit. The XML changes may or may not display correctly on the FAN Xpert graph, but they should be running correctly under the hood.

Take a copy of the XML in case the settings get overwritten by accident, and that should be it.


2014-12-20 16:33

reporter   ~0007664

Worked. Thank you kind sir


2015-02-10 10:26

reporter   ~0007763

Last edited: 2015-02-10 10:27

Is there any solution?
4.5 and 4.51 beta 4 still can't read aux1-2 and aux3 is missing.

AIDA64 and HWMonitor reads all 6 fans on this board without any problems.


2015-02-13 10:47

manager   ~0007765

Hi, I am investigating this issue. I am rather sure that those additional fan speeds can be read by accessing the Embedded Controller. This is something that I know how to do, but that always preferred not to access to avoid conflicts with other tools, including ACPI and so on.
I am trying to find an alternate and reliable method.


2016-06-09 18:52

reporter   ~0007988

Last edited: 2016-06-09 18:52

Is there any resolution to the missing fan and the two headers that report zero rpm even when connected?


2016-06-10 01:10

reporter   ~0007989

Seems similar to the problem I'm having with my M8H, thermal header and one fan header isn't detected at all. If I set fans to lower than 25% they report 0 RPM while still spinning. I uninstalled FanXpert to go fully with SpeedFan, but since I can't see or control everything I might have to go back (if the above mentioned cap solving trick works).


2018-01-05 19:59

reporter   ~0008516

Was this ever resolved? I stopped using Speedfan due to the lack of those additional fans.

With the current MS patch kb4056892, the older AI Suite 2 is broken and I assume there will be no replacement. So Speedfan would be good alternative, if only we could access all the fans on the Asus P9X79 mother boards


2019-12-23 11:32

reporter   ~0009399

Alfredo, Did you ever fix this?

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