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0001905SpeedFanOtherpublic2011-12-06 10:35
Reportertheseb26 Assigned Toalfredo  
Status resolvedResolutionfixed 
PlatformPCOSWindows SevenOS VersionUltimate SP1
Product Version4.44 
Summary0001905: Speedfan is blocking
Descriptionevery time I launch it, it will freeze after scanning motherboard resources and never respond again. This occurs whether I run it normally or with elevated privileges.
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Motherboard ModelAsus p5ad2 deluxe
Video Card ModelGeforce 8600 GT



2011-11-14 10:59


debug.nfo (54,414 bytes)


2011-12-03 09:15

manager   ~0006722

Start SpeedFan with


command line parameter. Enter CONFIGURE / OPTIONS, disable "Do SMART Summary Error Log scan on startup". Close SpeedFan, then start it normally.
It should work now.


2011-12-05 15:19

reporter   ~0006732


 With /NOADVSMARTSCAN, I've got the same result : speedfan is freezing.

 I've tried in windows seven "safe mode" : Same result.


2011-12-05 16:41

manager   ~0006733

Please, try with:


You can try another thing too: download the latest beta, unpack it to an empty temporary direcory and run it.


2011-12-05 19:37

reporter   ~0006734

Hi, It's working with /NOSMARTSCAN

is speedfan will work properly with option ?



2011-12-05 19:43

manager   ~0006735

Try to start with /NOSMARTSCAN, then enter CONFIGURE / OPTIONS, disable "Do SMART Summary Error Log scan on startup". Close SpeedFan, then start it normally (with no switch).


2011-12-05 20:10

reporter   ~0006736

"Do SMART Summary Error Log scan on startup" was already disable.

 another option ?


2011-12-06 08:04

manager   ~0006740

If this is the case, then most likely you have a driver that contains a bug. Is there any update available for the hard disk driver on your system?

Did you try the latest beta with no switch running from an empty temporary directory?


2011-12-06 08:56

reporter   ~0006741

Hi , I don't find any drivers for Intel ICH6R compatible with windows 7.

 Can I use speedfan with /NOSMARTSCAN option anytime ? :-)

with The latest beta version, same pb.



2011-12-06 09:01

manager   ~0006742

Of course you can use that option forever. I was trying to find a solution that didn't force you to miss the hard disk reliability capabilities SpeedFan has.
Did you try to run any other hard disk monitoring tool and see if it works?


2011-12-06 09:11

reporter   ~0006743

Yes, i've tried another soft, I can't remember the exact name, but I had the same pb.


2011-12-06 10:35

manager   ~0006744

This confirms an issue with your system and not caused by SpeedFan.
So far, I think it is fair to say that the /NOSMARTSCAN command line parameter is the fix for this issue.

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