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0001890SpeedFanHardware supportpublic2019-03-29 07:14
Reporterjohnmercedes Assigned Toalfredo  
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PlatformWindowsOS7OS Versionx64
Product Version4.44 
Summary0001890: Adaptec Raid Controller Card (1430-SA) makes Speedfan block the system
DescriptionWhen starting Speedfan, the system becomes unresponsive during the hardware detection. The controller card has an I2C interface, so maybe that causes the hang-up. The system runs off of the HDDs attached to the controller card - maybe that plays a role in it, too.
Everything worked fine before the addition of the controller card. It is a PCIe x4 card and plugged into the second PCIe x16 Slot of the mainboard.

Probably unrelated: Together with the addition of the controller card I added 8GB of memory for a total of 16GB.
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Motherboard ModelAsus P8P67 (Revision 3)
Video Card Model



2011-10-19 14:06

manager   ~0006584

There are some other reports here about Adaptec RAID controllers. Did you have a look at them to see if your same issue was already discussed?
It would be interesting if you could upload here (there is a button for this) DEBUG.NFO file from SpeedFan.exe directory.


2011-10-20 13:14

reporter   ~0006585

i had a look at the other issues and tried every switch that was mentioned (nosmartscan nouguruscan nosmbscan nosuperio noscsiscan and nogiveio) and the system still freezes on speedfan startup. i had the program folder open while only trying the nosmartscan switch at first and could see the debug.nfo appearing, although i couldn't click on it - but when i rebooted the system, the file was gone. after using all the switches at the second time, the file is still there after a reboot, but only containing 626 bytes of binary zeroes.

i should say, that the mainboard (asus p8p67 rev 3.0) seems to have a hardware defect that just so happened to show itself now by suddenly driving all chassis-fans at 100%, which the asus software "fan xpert" can't change, not even the bios settings make any difference anymore (i tried a bios update and clearing the rtc-ram). so for now the mainboard goes back to the manufacturer.


2011-10-20 13:21

manager   ~0006586



combination basically leaves very few things accessible to SpeedFan. If the disc where SpeedFan is stored is connected to the Adaptec controller then it makes sense that DEBUG.NFO file is unreadable. Consider that if you install SpeedFan normally, copy speedfan.exe (even the beta) to any temporary directory and execute speedfan.exe from that directory, DEBUG.NFO file will be stored in that temporary directory.


2011-10-20 14:01


debug.nfo (46,902 bytes)


2011-10-20 14:05

reporter   ~0006587

i downloaded the 4.45 beta 4 (i thought maybe i should have a try with that) and ran it from an sd-card. the startup process went much further, although the system chugged almost all the way and finally froze. i uploaded the debug.nfo.


2011-10-25 10:51

manager   ~0006609

DEBUG.NFO confirms that it is not a SMBus issue.
Did you run SpeedFan with any command line parameter?


2011-10-25 11:50

reporter   ~0006612

as far as i remember, i ran it without any parameters and later tried some of the switches, which produced the same result. for now i am waiting for a motherboard replacement. maybe it was a hardware fault after all. i'll let you know, when i have had speedfun run on the new motherboard.
on a side note: i'm currently making my own fan-controller with an arduino-board and some thin-film temperature sensors. but i would still like speedfan to run as a sensor-monitor, so i'm still up for bug-tracking.


2011-11-04 21:59


debug_2011-11-04.nfo (8,899 bytes)


2011-11-04 22:00

reporter   ~0006658

Last edited: 2011-11-04 22:03

new motherboard, same problem. speedfan makes the system hang. i uploaded the debug.nfo from the sd-card off of which speedfan ran. please tell me, if you want me to try out any switches.


2011-11-05 00:13

manager   ~0006659

Please, run



2011-11-05 00:56


debug_2011-11-05.nfo (10,959 bytes)


2011-11-05 01:01

reporter   ~0006660

running speedfan with the switches produced the same result (system hang). see debug_2011-11-05.nfo


2011-11-05 08:49

manager   ~0006661

Please, add


to the list of command line parameters.


2011-11-05 09:07


debug_2011-11-05_2.nfo (11,061 bytes)


2011-11-05 09:08

reporter   ~0006662

Last edited: 2011-11-05 09:18

did so. same result. debug.nfo uploaded.

also, maybe i should note that before speedfan comes to a halt (the last status line more or less corresponds to the last lines in the debug.nfo - i don't know if there's any delay in the output) the system already seems to be affected but not quite hung, like a half-second freeze (mouse cursor doesn't move), then everything seemingly back to normal, and after a second or so speedfan isn't responding and the system runs off of left-over resources in memory (mouse cursor movable but not much happening...).


2011-11-05 09:38

manager   ~0006663



2011-11-05 09:40

manager   ~0006664

I am sorry for all these tests. This is the first time that such a long series of switches doesn't work.


2011-11-05 09:52


debug_2011-11-05_3.nfo (93,154 bytes)


2011-11-05 09:53

reporter   ~0006665

Last edited: 2011-11-05 09:57

this time it got considerably further, but still froze the system. see the nfo.

i'll be up for testing again this evening.


2011-11-05 10:45

manager   ~0006666



2011-11-05 17:36


debug_2011-11-05_4.nfo (11,817 bytes)


2011-11-05 17:39

reporter   ~0006668

new nfo uploaded.


2011-11-05 19:28

manager   ~0006669



2011-11-05 20:04


debug_2011-11-05_5.nfo (11,827 bytes)


2011-11-05 20:06

reporter   ~0006670

still no difference. this is surely a very sneaky bug...


2011-11-05 20:42

manager   ~0006671

I am starting to run short of switches :-)


2011-11-05 20:56


debug_2011-11-05_6.nfo (15,566 bytes)


2011-11-05 21:06

reporter   ~0006672

this time speedfan got to the end of detection. but i'm starting to think, the error doesn't occur in the end but earlier in the process, only the (terminal) effects are delayed. as i mentioned before, the responsiveness of the system almost immediately becomes affected after i start speedfan (i haven't tried to start any other process during the startup phase of speedfan - maybe that would tell us something about the timing of the error). but, you're the expert! tell me what to do next...


2011-11-05 22:07

manager   ~0006673

Just a quick check: did you try to remove the additional 8 GB?


2011-11-05 22:23

reporter   ~0006674

Last edited: 2011-11-05 22:45

no, actually. i'll try that now! i'll be back in a jiffy.

result: that didn't change anything. but good to know, i guess.


2011-11-06 10:38

manager   ~0006676

Please, contact me by email (alfredo at I will send you some custom beta. This is the first time that all those switches do not fix the issue.


2011-11-06 12:56


debug_2011-11-06_1.nfo (9,066 bytes)


2011-11-06 12:58

reporter   ~0006678

i ran your custom beta and you'll be surprised to hear, it still froze the system!


2011-11-06 13:09

manager   ~0006679

You have a new beta. If it still freezes this time, only one or two things can be the culprit.


2011-11-06 13:25


debug_2011_11_06_2.nfo (6,559 bytes)


2011-11-06 13:28

reporter   ~0006680

Last edited: 2011-11-06 13:30

it didn't freeze this time. but of course, i couldn't do anything with it ;)
funny thing, though, the sendreport froze the system (same as the startup previously did)...

also, i had a hunch, that maybe the display drivers were responsible, so i updated them (although downgrading would have been more sensible, i guess...). the only difference was (with the first custom beta), that a balloon-tip with the found sensor was shown.


2011-11-06 13:39

manager   ~0006681

Try to run the latest beta will all the switches you used previously.


2011-11-06 13:47

reporter   ~0006682

Exception building SEND REPORT: <Access violation at address 0061FF2E in module 'speedfan.exe'. Read of address FFFFFFFC>

the system didn't freeze, though.


2011-11-06 13:54

manager   ~0006683

Do you have a new debug.nfo?


2011-11-06 14:04


debug_2011-11-06_3.nfo (7,265 bytes)


2011-11-06 14:07


debug_2011-11-06_4.nfo (8,075 bytes)


2011-11-06 14:08

reporter   ~0006684

as you'll see, the last debug.nfo is with your last beta. i ran it with all the switches.


2011-11-06 15:11

manager   ~0006685

I think you pressed the OK button when you got the error while sending the report. Can you send me debug.nfo file prior to closing that error message?


2011-11-06 15:22



2011-11-06 15:26

reporter   ~0006686

actually, it's not an error message that i get, but the error message appears in the report. all i can do is press send or cancel...


2011-11-06 15:31

manager   ~0006687

You have a new beta. I removed two lines of code that, to be honest, I don't know what were doing :-)


2011-11-06 15:37

reporter   ~0006688

the send-report worked. it's probably in your inbox...


2011-11-06 15:44

manager   ~0006689

Yes, I received it. I am going to send you a new beta.


2011-11-06 15:56

reporter   ~0006690

i received the new beta. do you need another send-report, or should i try running it without any switches?


2011-11-06 16:04

manager   ~0006691

A send report is welcome.
Try running without the switches.


2011-11-06 16:13

reporter   ~0006692

i sent you two reports. the funny thing is, after i sent you the report (running speedfan without any switches) the system froze again...


2011-11-06 16:16

manager   ~0006693

You have a new beta, although this last comment is rather unexpected.


2011-11-06 16:18

manager   ~0006694

I am not sure. Did beta 1.5.5 or beta 1.5.4 freeze?


2011-11-06 16:22

reporter   ~0006695

Last edited: 2011-11-06 16:23

the last beta i ran was 1.5.4 (the last one i received, yet). the behaviour was similar to beta 1.5.3. when i ran speedfan without any switches, soon after i sent the report the system froze. again, as soon as the report is generated, the system immediately becomes affected, similar to the problem that occured during the startup process before. that is, only when i don't use any switches. while using the switches, the system keeps running unaffected.


2011-11-06 16:25

manager   ~0006696

The latest report I received from you was

SF DEBUG Story (DDD) (v4.46 beta 1.5.5)

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