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0001887SpeedFanFan controlpublic2011-10-13 11:09
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PlatformPCOSWindows 7OS VersionUltimate 64bit
Product Version4.44 
Summary0001887: Can't adjust CPU fan speed; Case fan showing 0 RPM
DescriptionI've tried changing a few of the settings in Advanced but nothing seems to effect the CPU fan speed. It's stuck at 1412 RPM, which seems low considering I've changed all 4 speeds to 100%.

The only time it changes is when I turn Q-Fan on in Bios, but it lowers it to 830 RPM. I have left it off.

I tried changing from Manual PWM Control to Thermal Cruise, Fan Speed Cruise and SmartFan 3. I also changed the FAN Divisors to a few different values with no effect.

Besides CPU0 Fan, Sys Fan, Aux0 Fan, CPU1 Fan and Aux1 Fan, are all showing 0 RPM.

I checked my case fan to see how many pins it had. It is 4, but it's one of the large ones connected straight to the power supply. Is that the reason it's not showing up?


I do have one case fan
Additional InformationWin9x:NO 64Bit:YES GiveIO:NO SpeedFan:YES
I/O properly initialized
Linked ISA BUS at $0290
Linked Intel 82801GB ICH7 SMBUS at $0400
Found nVidia GeForce 9800 GT
Linked nVidiaI2C0 SMBUS at $3D403E3F
Linked nVidiaI2C1 SMBUS at $3D403637
Linked nVidiaI2C2 SMBUS at $3D405051
Scanning ISA BUS at $0290...
SuperIO Chip=Winbond W83627DHG
W83627DHG (ID=$C1) found (using SuperIO) on ISA at $290
Scanning Intel SMBus at $0400...
Scanning I2CNVidia SMBus at $3D403E3F...
Scanning I2CNVidia SMBus at $3D403637...
Scanning I2CNVidia SMBus at $3D405051...
Found ST3640323AS on AdvSMART
ATK0110 (MB=P5KPL) found on ACPI
ATK0110 at $00 msg : TATK0110Sensor : ERROR creating - Unable to find working interface!
Found Intel(R) Core(TM)2 Duo CPU E8500 @ 3.16GHz
End of detection
Loaded 0 events
TagsNo tags attached.
Motherboard ModelAsus P5KPL-CM
Video Card Model9800GT



2011-10-13 09:29

manager   ~0006565

A few notes:
1) may be your fan is controlled by a PWM that SpeedFan can't access
2) are you sure that the CPU fan could be slowed down by enabling Q-FAN?
3) try SpeedFan 4.45 beta 4. At the very least, you will gain a lot more readings (including the case fan, I think)


2011-10-13 11:05

reporter   ~0006569

Last edited: 2011-10-13 11:07

Ya when I enable Q-Fan, the speed drops to around 850 RPM, I've tried this a couple of times.

When Q-Fan is not enabled, the speed sits around 1400 RPM

The beta adds 2 more readings.

The first is CPU which appears to be identical to CPU0 Fan. Their RPM fluctuations are identical.

The second is CHASSIS, but it's reading 0.

Are there any settings in the Beta I should try changing?


2011-10-13 11:09

manager   ~0006570

Please, send me a SEND REPORT from the beta.

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