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0001860SpeedFanHardware supportpublic2011-11-09 13:38
Reportertwonkie Assigned Toalfredo  
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Product Version4.44 
Summary0001860: Asrock 775i945gz voltage readings wrong / missing
DescriptionAs the title says.

Using SF4.44 temperature / fan speed readouts seem to be ok, fan control of 4pin CPU fan is also working.

Voltage readouts are incorrect (+12V is read as 8.92V, etc) and SF displays only 3 voltages, while BIOS reads 4 (see also Asrock site [1], which states 4 voltages are monitored: "Voltage Monitoring: +12V, +5V, +3.3V, Vcore").

Additional InformationSpeedFan 4.44 detects a W83627EHF
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Motherboard ModelAsrock 775i945gz
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2011-08-26 13:45

reporter   ~0006414

Anything that can be done about this? Dumps? Correction factors?


2011-09-17 16:03

reporter   ~0006454



2011-09-24 12:46

manager   ~0006471

If you are absolutely sure about the correction factors, mail them to me. I will create a beta.


2011-10-10 12:33

reporter   ~0006528

Last edited: 2011-10-10 12:35

Well no I'm not sure about any factors. I was merely asking for possible courses of action.

So besides the correction factors, what can be done about the missing voltage?

I compared speedfan against the output of '(lm-)sensors' on Linux, and lm-sensors displays many more voltages, although they are all wrong (all about 1.3V, with one at 3.something).

I'm guessing the bios would contain the correct factors?


2011-10-10 12:34

reporter   ~0006529

BTW, the one voltage missing is +5V. SpeedFan displays this:

Vcore: 1.36V
+12V: 8.92V
AVcc: 3.31V


2011-11-09 13:38

reporter   ~0006700

About a week ago I emailed Asrock about this issue. So far, no reply. I'm not expecting one anymore either.

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