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0001809SpeedFanConfigurationpublic2012-02-04 12:57
Reporteryacoub Assigned Toalfredo  
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PlatformSpeedfan v 4.43OSWindows 7OS Versionx64
Product Version4.43 
Summary0001809: v4.43 fails to start with Windows.
DescriptionI previously ran version 4.40, if i recall correctly, and it always started with Windows just fine. Recently updated to 4.43 and the program shortcut in the Startup folder is still correct, however the application does not load upon Windows startup. I checked msconfig.exe and SpeedFan is still listed there, yet it does not want to start. Is this perhaps a UAC issue due to some feature added since v4.40?

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Motherboard ModelEVGA E652 P55 Micro SLI
Video Card ModelSapphire HD6950 2GB


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2011-05-09 19:14

reporter   ~0006179

I should have noted that manually starting SpeedFan works just fine.


2011-05-10 03:53


SoknoUAC.jpg (77,137 bytes)   
SoknoUAC.jpg (77,137 bytes)   


2011-05-10 03:54

reporter   ~0006180

Added image to show the UAC prompt when starting SpeedFan 4.43 manually in Win7x64. Perhaps this may be why the program does not start automatically with Windows any longer, though previous versions (for example v4.40) did just fine?



2011-05-10 03:55

reporter   ~0006181

On the plus side, SpeedFan does now recognize my hard drives' SMART data, which the older version did not for some reason.


2011-06-04 18:43

reporter   ~0006215

As a workaround what I did in Win7 is to create in the "Task Scheduler" a speedfan task with the following properties:
- General: Run with the highest privileges.
- Trigger: begin task: at log on
           delay task for: 10 seconds (so that my display get initialized)
- Actions: Start: "C:\...\SpeedFan\speedfan.exe"


2011-06-04 19:04

reporter   ~0006216

Thank you, I will give that a shot.


2011-06-16 10:28

manager   ~0006236

I agree: the Task Scheduler is the way I suggest.


2011-06-17 22:30

reporter   ~0006246

I wanted want to add a "me too".

I am using Windows 7 Pro, 32-bit

I was using Speedfan v4.41 and it had no problem starting from the Startup folder, each time I booted.

Now, with Speedfan v4.43, it no longer starts. :(

I went into Properties for the Speedfan Shortcut in had in Startup, and under the Compatibility tab, I checked the Privilege Level for Administrator (funny... I am an Administrator).

Now, it does attempt to start, but stops with the pop already posted above, SoknoUAC.jpg.

Can this be please restored back to the way it worked with v4.41 ?????


2011-06-18 10:16

manager   ~0006247

Please, use the task scheduler. I tried to delay having to force UAC, but after the millionth email answering that some features could be accessed only by elevating privileges, I had to do it :-)


2011-06-18 13:59

reporter   ~0006248

That's unfortunate because I think that is assumes a skill that many users don't have (creating a task.... I bet many don't even know how to open the Task Scheduler).

However, that could be easily overcome if Speenfan could (optionally?) create a task during install. Would that be possible? Something like a "do you want to have Speedfan automatically start?" prompt during the install process would do nicely.


2011-06-18 15:07

reporter   ~0006249

The Task Scheduler is a workaround. No other software I have installed requires the manual creation of a task (indeed, I had no idea of the complex functionality available via the Task Scheduler, nor do most people) or the accepting of a UAC warning prompt each time their computer boots into Windows.
One would imagine, given the variety of software out there, that SpeedFan is not unique in its access requirements, so at least some of the software out there resolve this issue during installation in an automatic manner along the lines of what walt described.


2011-06-20 08:12

manager   ~0006250

I think that the solution would be to have SpeedFan create the task for you. Anyway, the real solution would be different: a complete software refactoring. It is not easy to continue to develop it and to refactor the source, but I am working on it.


2011-06-23 20:14

reporter   ~0006261

Alfredo, I understand the frustration. There are other system tools that require elevated privileges, but main prgms of many often don't normally run at startup (unless maybe logged into Admin acct).

I tried tranle's suggestion (6215)& yours to create a task in Task Scheduler, to run v4.43 at startup. Doesn't work for me logging into limited user acct - which I normally do. It created the task OK; I checked "run w/ highest privileges", & it created an entry in msconfig - it's checked to run at start (in Vista x64 - SP2). Every start, Vista gives a msg in system tray notification area "windows has blocked a prgm from running."

Not sure if missed something. Double checked the Task Scheduler entry - still scheduled; msconfig entry still checked. Even if it takes a registry hack, how can I get it to auto start under a limited user acct?


2011-06-24 13:00

reporter   ~0006268

If you go into the Task Scheduler, is there an error message in the Last Run Result column?

In the Author column, does it list a user with Administrator privileges?

If you select the Task, and right click Properties, select the Triggers tab, select the trigger (At Log On ?), select the Edit button, what radio button is selected? Any User? Specific User? If not already, possibly you might need to select Specific User, and set the user to be your limited user account (just a guess).


2011-06-24 15:58

reporter   ~0006269

Last edited: 2011-06-24 16:02

Walt - Thanks for detailed help. BTW, which email setting in acct Preferences needs checking to get email notice of replies to bug tracking issues I've posted in, like this one? Didn't get notice of your reply.

"If you go into the Task Scheduler, is there an error message in the Last Run Result column?"
>> Yes, "The operation requested was not performed because user (admin acct) has not logged onto network. The specified service doesn't exist 0x800704DD."
However, under Conditions tab, following was NOT checked: "Start only if following network connection is available."

"In the Author column, does it list a user with Administrator privileges?"
>> Yes - same one listed in above err msg.

"If you select the Task, and right click Properties, select the Triggers tab, select the trigger (At Log On ?)"
>> No, "at startup" was selected. Will try changing.
"select the Edit button, what radio button is selected? Any User? Specific User?"
>>Yes, the admin acct, & "Run only when user is logged on" selected; will change, but believe tried before, "run whether user is logged on or not," but all settings must be just so... BUT, HELP file says,
..."You can specify that a task should run even if the account under which the task is scheduled to run is not logged on when the task is triggered. To do this, select the radio button labeled Run whether user is logged on or not. If this radio button is selected, tasks will NOT run INTERACTIVELY..."
Not sure of implication of that.

"If not already, possibly you might need to select Specific User, and set the user to be your limited user account (just a guess)."
>> Since SpeedFan requires elevated privileges, wouldn't need to name an ADMIN acct in "General tab: When running task, use following user acct?"

What about Trigger tab? Use "At logon - At logon of any user?"


2011-06-24 16:12

reporter   ~0006270

Last edited: 2011-06-24 16:13

On the Trigger tab, I would start out with it specifying a specific user (your limited user account). Once that is working, then you can always try going back to "any user". I mention this because I am worried that "any user" might really mean only "some users", like only those with Admin privileges.

I use "at log on", not "at startup". And specifically for only my own account. This kind-of mimics the way I use to have a shortcut to SpeedFan in my own Start Menu Startup directory.

I am also somewhat concerned that if you use "at startup" and specify under an Admin account, that Speedfan might be running on the Admin's desktop, and not on your account's desktop. In other words, its running but you can't see it.

I don't know if any of this will help, but thought it was worth a try.


2011-06-24 18:35

reporter   ~0006271

Last edited: 2011-06-24 18:37

After last changes, get err: Logon failure: Unknown user name or bad PW.
I used my 'usual' admin acct for: "When running the task, use following user acct." Doing so - I guess - prompts entering THAT admin acct PW after making all changes in properties screen (after click OK, shows that admin name & prompts for PW). That's w/ task scheduler started in same admin acct entered in task setup. Somewhere, if it's to start & bypass UAC, seems an admin acct / PW MUST be entered somewhere in Task Scheduler. Maybe not.

When you created the task, did you start task scheduler in admin mode?
Did you specify that admin acct "to run the task under" & "Only when logged on"?

In Gen. Tab, I changed to "run whether user is logged on or not" (admin acct specified in same tab). Figured since trying to get SF to run when login limited user acct, checking that setting wouldn't require login under admin acct for it to run - maybe that's wrong. These changes didn't work. Help file leaves out details. BTW, doesn't appear can schedule a task (esp w/ highest privileges) if start T.S. in limited user acct.

SUGGESTION TO ALFREDO: maybe you could post * detailed * instructions of specific settings in Task Scheduler for Vista / W7 until you get the prgm to do it w/o user input (except choosing option to start). That's if you're concerned if users can get it to run at startup.

I haven't used Task Scheduler much, but am an engineer & dealt seriously w/ "fixes, work arounds, prgm mods, editing registries" since W'98. Getting SF to auto start in Vista via task scheduler is far too time consuming w/o detailed intructions - & I read the Help file! :)


2011-06-25 18:23

reporter   ~0006272

Last edited: 2011-06-25 18:50

After various settings combos in Task Scheduler, the best it will do running speedfan at startup is
1) if I login under an admin acct, it will start SF & appears in tray -actively monitoring.
2) if login a user acct, UAC still asks for admin PW. It runs normally then, but not much less hassle than launching prgm once logged in user acct. Only plus is it reminds to start SF (if you want to start it every boot up).

Probably read 6 - 7 articles how to bypass UAC req. to run tasks requiring elevation via task scheduler. None seem to eliminate UAC req. for me for a USER acct. A helpful one for others might be

Whether accurate, this article:
Says, "How to do it manually: Note: This only works if you are an administrator. You cannot cause an administrative program to automatically start on a standard user's desktop."

After some thought, there are probably free prmgs that will allow doing this in a user's acct.


2011-06-28 20:37

reporter   ~0006292

Here's the apparent solution to speedfan not starting w/ windows in a user acct, w/o getting UAC prompt.
1) I checked speedfan.exe's properties under Compatibility tab (possibly under "show settings for all users"). Made sure "run this program as an administrator" was not checked.

2) (In Vista x64 hm prem) Opened Start>Programs>Starup. R-click startup>All Users. Will have to enter admin PW if logged in as a user.

3) Drag speedfan launch icon to All Users folder.

That's it - no more UAC prompt for speedfan when logging in under user acct.
NOTE: I disabled the task to start speedfan in Task Scheduler.

I guess the article linked in last post was wrong. Maybe that's true for tasks created in Task Scheduler.


2011-12-09 12:04

reporter   ~0006747

Hello buffy and alfredo master :) I've struggled with this 2 but got it to work with scheduler and set the delay 2 30 sec (10 sec was to shurt)

were buffy do u C the all users in autostart, i have not find it...and I do not need for no admin users anyway, just tested with the guest account for fun.....and I can confirme that SF sure starts but U can not C the GUI if u use task scheduler


2012-02-04 12:57

reporter   ~0006824

I can start Speedfan using the task scheduler from a non admin user account.
It seems to only work if you specify the _group_ users and not a single account
"run whether user is logged on or not" will then automatically be disabled.

If you then start the task speedfan is started and the taskbar icon is also displayed as usual.
The only problem i have is that when i start up speedfan like this via task scheduler it does not control the GPU fan speed (HD 6850).

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