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0001780SpeedFanFan controlpublic2011-08-22 17:54
Reporterdtdionne Assigned Toalfredo  
Status acknowledgedResolutionopen 
PlatformDell Precision Workstation M6500OSWin 7 x64OS VersionEnterprise
Product Version4.43 
Summary0001780: Blips fans but doesn't maintain
DescriptionI'm using 4.44 beta 2 right now and while it can blip the fans, it can't control them.
Steps To ReproduceWhen I start SF it shows my fan's as follows:

Fan 1: 2300 rpm
Fan 2: 2400 rpm

It will change the speeds as follows but for less then two seconds at which point it settles back to the above speeds:

Fan 1: 4100 rpm
Fan 2: 4300 rpm
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Motherboard ModelP55
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2011-04-06 12:49

manager   ~0006055

Are you sure that it is SpeedFan that applies the second speed change and not the BIOS or some other tool?


2011-05-18 16:47

reporter   ~0006193

Last edited: 2011-05-18 16:48

It would have to be the BIOS because this is a brand new load and speedfan is the only utility I use...I still have to use the hidden Dell Engineering Mode (screenshot attached):
FN+SHIFT 1,5,3,2,4
to get to a DOS'ish menu where I can then disable BIOS control to let speedfan do anymore then blip the fan's. With the BIOS control disabled speedfan then seems to have only 3 speed settings which are:
0 rpm
2500 rpm at about 33%
5000 rpm at about 66%

The Eng Mode does not survive reboots and for some reason it crash's VM's.


2011-05-18 16:58


photo.JPG (130,671 bytes)   
photo.JPG (130,671 bytes)   


2011-06-06 16:28

reporter   ~0006219

Hey Alfredo...anything new? Is there anything I can do besides donate to help?


2011-06-06 16:58

reporter   ~0006220

I donated again...please don't hesitate to let me know if there's anything else I can do to help.


2011-07-03 10:26

manager   ~0006308

I am about to release SpeedFan 4.44 Final. It will set fan speeds more often. This might lower the impact of another tool trying to do the same. Feel free to contact me by email if you would like to try the pre-release beta.


2011-07-05 13:10

reporter   ~0006316

I'd like to try it you think it will work on my M6500 without having to go into Eng Mode?


2011-07-11 17:23

reporter   ~0006320

I just tried 444b8 and I didn't experience any functional changes. However it did take a long time to start and it messed up one of my nic's...100mb Linksys USB nic.


2011-07-11 18:17

manager   ~0006321

Hello, could you upload DEBUG.NFO from executable's directory?


2011-07-11 20:17

manager   ~0006325

Is beta 10 still slow at start?


2011-08-20 03:24


debug.nfo (199,527 bytes)


2011-08-20 03:25

reporter   ~0006390

sorry for the delayed com's alfredo, I've attached the debug.nfo file. I'll also give the new 4.44 a shot.


2011-08-20 17:41

manager   ~0006394

Thank you for the file. Are the new versions faster at start in your opinion?


2011-08-22 17:54

reporter   ~0006402

I couldn't find any beta's on your site...I downloaded and installed the 4.44 version from your site last night and it still doesn't work without having to use that Dell Eng menu...but I'm not sure if i'm using the correct version.

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