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0001775SpeedFanOtherpublic2018-12-25 10:19
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PlatformHP MediaSmart Server EX485OSWindows Home ServerOS VersionWS 2003
Product Version4.43 
Summary0001775: Speedfan reprogrammed monitoring chip, voltage readings are now mixed up.
DescriptionThe HP MediaSmart Server EX485 has a hardware monitoring page for temperature, fan speed and voltages. After using Speedfan the voltage readings are mixed up so the hardware monitor reports a hardware failure.

When I use Speedfan the voltage labels are strange but I can find the expected voltages but not under the proper label. I think somehow Speedfan reprogrammed the chip and the voltage readings are mixed up.

The server has a SMSC SCH5127.

1) Would it be possible to reprogram the chip to previous settings?
2) HP EX48x owners should be advised not to use your software or the software has to be fixed. I am willing to help fix the software.

I uploaded print screens from Speedfan and from the server console.
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Motherboard ModelHP MediaSmart Server EX485, SMSC SCH5127 monitoring chip
Video Card Model



2011-04-01 10:30


HP EX485.pdf (351,952 bytes)


2011-04-01 10:35

reporter   ~0005996

I forgot to mention that I uninstalled Speedfan, powered down the system and booted, the problem is still there. So the BIOS does not seem to reset the chip to factory settings.


2011-04-01 15:10

manager   ~0005997

Hello lpn1,
As far as I know, the hardware monitor chip needs to be initialized every time it is powered on. This means that any change applied by any tool can't survive a complete power off. Did you try to unplug the power cable for 30 seconds?
That said, what do you refer to, exactly, by "so the hardware monitor reports a hardware failure"?
When you say that "voltage readings are mixed up", where do you see them mixed up?
Could you, please, be more specific? Are you looking at BIOS reported values? To some kind of boot time hardware monitor report? To another tool run under another OS (perhaps a LiveCD)? To another tool run under the same environment where you ran SpeedFan?


2011-04-04 22:34

reporter   ~0006030

Hello Alfredo,

The problem is with the "builtin" monitoring application that comes with the HP software (check attached file). All voltages show up pink indicating that they are out of spec (and indeed they are on that page). This generates warnings on the console.

But I think it is this application that has lost proper configuration because in the BIOS all voltage values are properly labeled (thanks for the tip). I will reinstall the server since it was already planned. I will let you know in any case if everything is back to normal after a reinstall and I will run again SpeedFan to see if it is the culprit. Thinking about it, it might also be Sisoft Sandra since I also installed that application.

Thanks for your incredibly quick support, I see you follow your bugs seriously.



2011-04-07 17:41

reporter   ~0006071


Reinstalling the server solved the problem. So I guess the monitoring software got modified somehow, but it isn't SpeedFan nor Sisoft Sandra. This will remain a mistery. I reinstalled both and have no issues.

Sorry having bothered you with this problem and thank you for your time.


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