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0001742SpeedFanHardware supportpublic2011-02-03 01:07
ReporterDeltaFX Assigned Toalfredo  
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Product Version4.43 beta 
Summary0001742: 4.43 beta10 Difference in gpu temp in sf and nvcpl
DescriptionNothing critical but a slight difference in temp between speedfan and nvpanel

Gpu temp in speedfan from PCI bus: 38°C
Gpu temp in speedfan from NVCPL bus: 32°C
Gpu temp NVidiaCPL bus: 43°C

Riva tuner says there is a -5°C delta between cpl and gpu probe.

Didn't happen with beta 8.
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Motherboard ModelAsrock K7VT4A pro
Video Card ModelMSI Geforce 7600GT AGP



2011-01-31 23:41


debug.nfo (154,491 bytes)


2011-02-02 20:35

manager   ~0005790

Honestly, if NVCPL returns a temperature I have no reason not to believe that nVidia wrote NVCPL to the best of his knowledge. If it reports inconsistently with other methods powered by nVidia, you might consider filing a bug report with nVidia.


2011-02-03 01:06


Temps.png (100,720 bytes)   
Temps.png (100,720 bytes)   


2011-02-03 01:07

reporter   ~0005793

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Everything's fine today. Windows fart...

Maybe it's a driver issue, I mean, I use detonators 94.24 (quite old). Recent drivers downloaded from nvidia don't recognize the card as a geforce even if 7600gt are listed as supported. Known probleme due to the HIS AGP-PCIE bride chip.

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