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0001714SpeedFanHardware supportpublic2010-12-28 19:36
Reportervleigh Assigned Toalfredo  
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PlatformEVGA X58-756MicroOSW7Px64 
Product Version4.40 
Summary0001714: Voltage Values reported by Speedfan
DescriptionVDC reported by speedfan is WAY off what is reported by BIOS and by comparable programs (EVGA has E-LEET using CPUID back end). Example: BIOS reads 12.2 VDC on +12V and Speedfan reports 10.5VDC. CPU Core BIOS 1.4; Speedfan 0.8

Some of these values are so low that the system couldn't possible boot or run with such undervolting.
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Motherboard ModelEVGA X-58 SLI Micro (E756)
Video Card ModelEVGA GTX295



2010-12-28 19:36

manager   ~0005616

SpeedFan uses the circuit shown on the datasheets. Several manufacturers use custom ones that I can't know. But I'm working on this.

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