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0000170SpeedFanConfigurationpublic2005-01-24 09:59
ReporterBrute Fourse Assigned Toalfredo  
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PlatformIwill ZMAXdp (Dual Opteron SFF)OSMicrosoft Windows XPOS VersionProfessional
Product Version4.20 
Summary0000170: Starting and configuring SpeedFan as different users on the same PC
DescriptionI have a Iwill ZMAXdp small form factor PC. This is a dual Opteron device based on nVIDIA nForce3 Professional MCPTI IEEE1394 TSB43AB22PDT Host Controller. I've been advised to try SpeedFan because despite my best efforts I can't get the ZMAXdp fans to run at anything less than 100% even when idle. As you can imagine this is very noisy and tiring.

Now to the problem. I've configured SpeedFan to automatically vary the fan speeds to control the temperature of the CPUs and this works well. However, until I manually start SpeedFan, the fans run at 100%.

So my question is how should SpeedFan be started so that it controls the fan speeds automatically from as soon after boot time as possible ? i.e. there shouldn't be any need to have someone log in.

I've tried running SpeedFan from HKLM\Software\Microsoft\CurrentVersion\Run with some success. I've discovered that fan speed and temperature thresholds etc are stored in Program Files\SpeedFan\speedfansense.cfg There is also a setting in the registry "CBAutoFanSpeed_Checked"="True" within HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\SpeedFan\TForm1 which is off by default but required to be true.

If I now log into the same PC as a different user, SpeedFan launches again so that two copies of the client are effectively running. What is more, the new session tries to overwite the configuration file with default values and of course the magic registry setting CBAutoFanSpeed_Checked is no longer true but false.

Is there a recommended way to start SpeedFan as say a system service without risk of new users either having to configure SpeedFan every time, or perhaps in their ignorence, misconfiguring SpeedFan and cooking the processors.
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Motherboard Model
Video Card ModelnVidia Quadro FX500



2005-01-19 10:06

manager   ~0000604

The latest beta for SpeedFan moved "CBAutoFanSpeed" setting to speedfanparams.cfg. Feel free to send me an email to receive the latest beta.
Some users do use FireDaemon to run SpeedFan as a service.


2005-01-22 17:50

manager   ~0000615

Did the beta I sent to you fix the CBAutoFanSpeed setting?

Brute Fourse

2005-01-24 09:59

reporter   ~0000616

Hi Alfredo,

Yes thank you the Beta did fix the CBAutoFanSpeed setting? I also discovered another utility: NTWrapper ( which handles the running as a service problem.

Thank you for your speedy response and a greatly useful utility.

Unfortunately 1've stumbled across another problem which is CPU temperatures reported as being 67 degrees C after waking up from sleep mode - but I think this has been reported elswhere.

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