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0001685SpeedFanInstallationpublic2010-10-31 12:47
ReporterSmcculloch Assigned Toalfredo  
Status acknowledgedResolutionopen 
Platformx86OSWindowsOS Version7
Product Version4.40 
Summary0001685: Windows 7 - INFO : NO SUPPORTED CHIP DETECTED
DescriptionWe upgraded our Toshiba Satellite A70 Notebook computer from Windows XP to Windows 7, and although SpeedFan worked great in Windows XP, it fails to initialize properly in Windows 7 with the information below:

Win9x:NO 64Bit:NO GiveIO:NO SpeedFan:YES
I/O properly initialized
Linked ISA BUS at $0290
Linked ATI IGP SMBUS at $8060
Scanning ISA BUS at $0290...
SuperIO Chip=SIO1000
Scanning AtiIgp SMBus at $8060...
End of detection

Version 4.41 gives the exact same errors
Version 4.42 (beta) fails to run at all
Steps To ReproduceJust running the application gives this result
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Motherboard ModelK000016360 - Toshiba Satellite A70, A75 Series Laptop System Board
Video Card ModelATI Radeom Mobility 9000



2010-10-31 12:47

manager   ~0005460

Can you send me a SEND REPORT (INFO tab) from XP?
I need a SEND REPORT from Windows 7. You can upload it here.

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