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0001661SpeedFanFan controlpublic2010-09-14 22:25
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PlatformP5PL2-EOSWindows XP ProfesionalOS VersionSP2
Product Version4.41 beta 
DescriptionHello.. Please help me how to control CPU, Case and power Fans with Speedfan program ? Or with previous Speedfan version.. I can't accelerate or slowdown none of them. I can only view of which speed they rotate. What parameters can I set in Configuration bar to control Fans speed ?.. Please, Please, Please tell me Ok?...
And else, I can't see VGA cards fan rotation..
The VGA card has some utility such as PC Probe II, but it has only 3 mode to rotate only CPU Fan: Optimal, Silent and Performance modes. And The CPU fan rotates accordingly of CPU load.
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Motherboard ModelP5PL2-E
Video Card ModelASUS Extreme AX550 - 512Mb



2010-09-09 19:52


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2010-09-14 22:25

reporter   ~0005410

Your motherboard's manual suggests that only the CPU_FAN can be controlled. Usually Asus only supports 4pin(PWM) control on the CPU_FAN header, so I guess you have a 3pin fan attached to CPU_FAN?

If Asus doesn't put the necessary parts on the board to allow fan control, there is nothing Speedfan or any other program can do about it.

Link to motherboard manual (see p. 4-40):

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