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0001568SpeedFanOtherpublic2018-03-30 10:08
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Product Version4.40 beta 
Summary0001568: Sensor name in shared memory

could you make the sensor names (Core0, Core1, HD0, GPU, Vcore and so on) make available in shared memory? Maybe in a second array behind the actual values to be backwards compatible? Thanks.
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2010-03-19 20:11

reporter   ~0005158

Last edited: 2010-04-15 19:41

tempNames: array[0..31] of array[0..15] of AnsiChar;
    fanNames: array[0..31] of array[0..15] of AnsiChar;
    voltNames: array[0..31] of array[0..15] of AnsiChar;

Maybe with even longer strings. And it would be backwards compatible, too...


2010-04-15 16:58

reporter   ~0005206

By the way, it would be really cool to have SMART drive fitness and performance percentages in the shared memory as well.


2010-04-15 19:42

manager   ~0005207

Those specifications are not public :-)
I'm considering to refactor the shared memory area and your suggestion is similar to what I had in mind.


2010-04-15 19:47

reporter   ~0005208

Oh, sorry then. :-) I didn't know that.
But I'm looking forward to the changes.
Thanks for your answer.


2010-09-01 19:56

reporter   ~0005387

Any news on this?

I have one more suggestion: If you implement it, please make sure also to include the name of the source of the data. For example not only display "Temp1", but "Temp1 (ACPI)" or something like that (I can see the data is already there in speedfansens.cfg). "Core (AMD K11)" instead of just "Core" would be really great, too.


2010-09-01 22:21

manager   ~0005388

I'm working hard on SpeedFan and I'm considering the shared memory area too.


2011-01-16 11:24

reporter   ~0005699

Are you making progress?


2011-10-27 16:22

reporter   ~0006615

it is extremely necessary...
is working on this mod alfredo?


2012-04-15 04:07

reporter   ~0006928

Last edited: 2012-04-15 04:26

This change is essential for me and we have been waiting for it for quite a while. To have the values of sensors only is almost pointless. You must have the name as well in order to be able to identify which sensor is giving a problem. If I am writing a conditional script that tests for a value then the simple addition of some hardware can change the value my script is looking at. I can't just count the sensors as I still don't know which it is. Human intervention is required to look at speedfan and determine which sensor. Then I have to make coding changes for each and every combination of system.

A temporary workaround would be to state the sensor names in speedfansens.cfg in the same order in which they appear in shared memory. Then you could simply place a copy of the speedfansens.cfg in a shared location. It cannot be located in \program files\speedfan\ as the program files folder is now inaccessible to 3rd party programs on NT systems. We could then read the cfg file, determine the sensor names from that and equate them to the values in shared memory. Easy!

This workaround would not require a big change. It could be done easily. All you have to do is change the logic order when writing the .cfg file. You can currently change the sensor order manually and you would have to write a copy of the .cfg into a shared location each time you made any change to the order.

In any case it makes no sense for the sensors to appear in a different order in these two places. Either re-order the shared memory or the .cfg file whichever is easiest.


2012-08-19 16:54

reporter   ~0007067

Any news on this - we have been waiting for years now...


2012-09-26 19:33

reporter   ~0007085

any news?


2012-12-16 00:34

reporter   ~0007137

still no news - please add this to the list.


2012-12-20 06:26

reporter   ~0007150

I agree with beededea; SpeedFan is useless without this feature. I'm at a loss as to why anyone is still using this program. Something this basic should not have gone ignored for over two years.

If the feature isn't implemented by the end of the year, then I recommend you all switch to Open Hardware Monitor. OHM is faster and more accurate; it publishes all sensor data to WMI so it can be read from almost any programming language. Not only does OHM tell you which device a sensor belongs too, it also lets you query a specific sensor individually.


2013-01-31 00:10

reporter   ~0007181

I have to say I really agree with the last chap, I just downloaded OHM and it is rather good. Worked straight away on my Acer 7720G and it also functions on Linux...

I think it is time to code speedfan out of my utility and start using OHM instead. I have waited too long for Alfredo to come up with something. Alfredo, is there any chance you will do this soon? I'm switching otherwise and I'll recommend others do too as my stuff depends on it.


2013-02-28 20:27

reporter   ~0007188

I have just managed to recode my utility and it now uses OHM and WMI to obtain the temperature values. It is a lot easier to code and WMI is a lot more 'standard' for windows than the shared memory area is, as used by Speedfan. I am impressed by OHM and I can really recommend it. I no longer care if this issue is fixed as I have an alternative...


2018-03-30 10:07

reporter   ~0008529

Last edited: 2018-03-30 10:08

In the absence of a fix from Alfredo here is a scripting workaround that will allow you to extract temperature and corresponding sensor names using OHM and WMI.

It is jscript based and so can be called by other programs.

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