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0001557SpeedFanFan controlpublic2010-03-08 05:50
Reporterfm37k8xi Assigned Toalfredo  
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PlatformAMD Athlon XP 2800+OSWindows XP 32bitOS VersionSP3
Product Version4.37 
Summary0001557: Speedfan - video card fan stopped permanently?
DescriptionI've been using Speedfan for years too change fan speeds on my Gigabyte Nvidia 6800GT (Winbond W83L785R) video card, but after closing Speedfan 4.37 then immediately reopening it again, a few days ago, it seems to have permanently? set the W83L785R chip to a PWM value to low to startup, and the fan is now stopped dead at all times including startup POST.
I can see the fan's LED light's glow *very faintly* at 100% and go dimmer as I decrease the % so the fan physically seems ok.
I have shutdown the PC and unplugged it overnight - no effect.
Have run PC with 4.37 un-installed - no effect.
Have installed GigaByte vturner2 fan/OC controller - no effect (just reports 0 RPM and can't speed it up)
Have installed SF 4.40 - no effect.
Video card is otherwise fine, I just can't play any 3D games because card gets to hot.
Additional InformationThis has happened before, using SF 4.33 but came right, speeding up by-itself over a couple of days, but it's been 4 days now with no sign of life apart from the LED's.

The Fan needs "Reverse PWM01 logic" ON otherwise 0 =100%. I'm **guessing** that a bug with 4.37 in this mode may have set a 35% value on exit (my low temp %) then the immediately reopening of Speedfan, somehow "thought" 35% was 100% and proceeded to automatically set it lower, beyond a valid value that is now "stuck" in the W83L785R.
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Motherboard ModelMSI MS-6712 1.0
Video Card ModelGigabyte Nvidia GeForce 6800GT GV-N68T256DH-N


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2010-03-08 05:50

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Fan still not going, so I have unplugged the fan from the videocard and am now running it from a NZXT sentry 2 fan controller. It's going just fine now so I can run 3D apps & games no problem. Will leave it like that for now, as it's a pain unplugging the videocard to change cables. Will still use Speedfan to monitor the videocard chip temps & volts.

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