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0000015SpeedFanHardware supportpublic2018-08-14 04:40
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Summary0000015: SpeedFan shows on all Shuttle XPC

with the Shuttles XPC's cannot be picked out the -5V Voltage, that is normal, because the Shuttle XPC
Steps To ReproduceSimple start SpeedFan on a Shuttle XPC.
Additional InformationI had a SN41G2 and now a SB75G2 both have the SuperIO=IT8712 Chip, this SuperIO-Chip is is on every Shuttle XPC Model.
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Motherboard Modelmsi x370 gaming pro carbon
Video Card Model


2004-06-22 10:07


Image1.jpg (12,014 bytes)   
Image1.jpg (12,014 bytes)   

2004-06-22 10:11


debug.nfo (50,198 bytes)


2004-06-22 13:23

manager   ~0000059

SpeedFan works according to datasheets. If a manufacturer uses some kind of proprietary circuitry, then you should define the right formula by hand. But which would be the relialability of such a formula?
Anyway: I'm working on a new configuration file structure to allow the end users to fully configure those readings. I will work on it during this summer.


2004-06-22 15:11

reporter   ~0000060

Oh that

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