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0001459SpeedFanEventspublic2011-08-05 12:43
Reporterplenihan Assigned Toalfredo  
Status acknowledgedResolutionopen 
PlatformOptiplex 745OSWindows XPOS VersionSP3
Product Version4.39 
Summary0001459: SMTP Configuration issue
DescriptionI am trying to have SpeedFan email me in the event of an issue. I enter my SMTP server which is an internal server that doesnt require login from within the LAN. When I try to send the test message I get:

Received async completion for mail id 5
ERROR : login

I dont know how SpeedFan's email server works for submission, so any guidance or help would be greatly appreciated.
Steps To ReproduceTried the Hostname instead of IP address with the same issue.
Additional InformationExchange 2007 SMTP server
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Motherboard Model82801HB ICH8 Chipset
Video Card ModelATI x1300



2009-08-26 09:15

manager   ~0004962

Are you sure that username and password are set to empty strings?


2009-08-26 14:35

reporter   ~0004963

I left them blank, is there a specific string that I need to enter to indicate empty?


2009-08-27 14:11

manager   ~0004971

Could you check to see if there is a SPACE instead of nothing, please?


2009-09-10 17:03

reporter   ~0004999

No Space. Completly blank.


2009-09-10 17:33

reporter   ~0005000

How is Speedfan trying to send mail? It seems like it fails way to quickly to be timing out or anything like that. It is an immediate error message once I click on the Test. Thanks.


2011-06-30 11:48

reporter   ~0006294

Last edited: 2011-06-30 11:55

I have other applications that use SMTP and the work on the same computer. I use the SMTP address without logging. SpeedFan does not work, nor a test mail.

I added the attachment 1.jpg.


2011-06-30 11:49


1.jpg (401,312 bytes)


2011-06-30 12:12

manager   ~0006295

SpeedFan SMTP support seems to work fine. It works even with complex configurations, like those using SSL, including GMAIL. Are you sure that it should work without username and password?


2011-06-30 14:03

reporter   ~0006297

I am sure, SMTP is opened. Without login and password.


2011-08-05 12:43

reporter   ~0006355

Any news?

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