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0001430SpeedFanHardware supportpublic2009-08-19 13:27
ReporterNicoBAssigned Toalfredo 
Status closedResolutionduplicate 
PlatformS775OSWindows XPOS VersionSP3
Product Version4.38 
Target VersionFixed in Version 
Summary0001430: Winbond W83667HG Chip seems not to be supported
DescriptionSpeedfan recognize W83627DHG instead of W83667HG on Maximus II Formula

this brings to the following:
CPU fan header : report but no control
CHA fan 1, 2 &3 : control but linked together as one speed
PWR fan header : report but no control
OPT fan 1,2&3: no report and thus no control
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Motherboard ModelASUS Maximus II formula
Video Card Model


duplicate of 0001222 resolvedalfredo ASUS P5Q (W83667HG) - Can't control CPU Fan Speed 
duplicate of 0002600 resolvedalfredo ASUS P5Q (W83667HG) - Can't control CPU Fan Speed 



2009-07-10 23:51

reporter   ~0004896

Hello Nico,

1) The lack of control of the CPU_FAN header is indeed related to the missing support of this chip. This has been discussed very intensely:

2) The fact that CHA_FAN headers can only be controlled together is due to Asus, not to Speedfan. There is nothing Speedfan can do about it.

3) It is aboslutely normal that PWR_FAN cannot be controlled. The purpose of this header is to read the speed of the PSU fan. That's why there is no control. This is the same on almost all motherboards and not a mistake of Speedfan.


2009-07-12 21:20

reporter   ~0004897

hi Norman

thanks for the link
I will wait and see if Alfredo succeed in adding support of the chip.


2009-07-15 22:35

reporter   ~0004900


what about OPT_FAN 1 2 3?

Do you have a clue for these ones?


2009-07-15 23:05

reporter   ~0004901

Last edited: 2009-07-15 23:05

I assume they aren't connected to the main monitoring/control chip. You should ask Asus which Chip controls these fan headers. If they say "just the BIOS and no chip" then I doubt Speedfan will ever be able to control those because Speedfan provides control of chips, not mainboards. If I'm wrong, Alfredo may correct me.

On the other why don't you use the BIOS options for those fans?


2009-07-19 18:05

reporter   ~0004907

Because the BIOS options for the OPT fans don't work or not as I would :(


2009-08-19 13:26

manager   ~0004938

I'm working on the W83667HG.
Please, refer to the original issue.

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