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0001414SpeedFanConfigurationpublic2010-09-15 18:50
Reporterdgnm82 Assigned Toalfredo  
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PlatformDell Latitude D600OSWindows 7OS VersionRC
Product Version4.39 beta 
Summary0001414: Freezes at DELL sensor constructor starting... Access Violation
DescriptionI've completed a clean install of Speedfan 4.38 and 4.39 Beta 7 executable and Speedfan loads correctly initially. However, after I select the Dell option and restart, I receive a "Privileged Instruction" error followed by "Access violation at address 00661117 in module 'speedfan.exe'. Read of address 00000038."

Speedfan worked in Windows XP perfectly on this computer, so any ideas how to get it to work in Windows 7 RC?
Steps To ReproduceBasically every time I try to run it with the Dell option selected the program freezes and gives me the errors stated above.
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Motherboard ModelDell Computer Corporation 0G5152/Intel Pentium M 1.8GHz
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2009-06-04 13:38

manager   ~0004845

Please, use the UPLOAD FILE button to upload DEBUG.NFO file from SpeedFan's directory.


2009-06-10 18:43

manager   ~0004865

I'm working on this.


2009-09-03 19:55

reporter   ~0004989

I have a similar issue.

running Dell Inspiron 8600 and Windows 7 Build 7100 (runs nicely, actually)

My main concern is keeping the system cool as temps are a bit higher running windows 7 than in XP.

I can use I8kfangui (which works perfectly in XP) but I seem to be having problems with the fan stuttering while trying to run, almost as if it was getting commands to both stop and run...or something. (fans run smoothly in XP)

Anyway, I wanted to try Speedfan and see if I had similar issues. I installed v4.39 with the installer, then replaced the executable with the newest beta - v4.4

Speedfan.sys is in the System32 directory.

When I try to run Speedfan, I get a message popup, "privileged instruction" when the dell sensor construction begins.

Furthermore, whenever I try to click on the 'Configure' tab, I get an access violation, 00641453 and the config page never opens.

When I close the program, I get another access violation, "00631027".

So, essentially this program doesn't work for me right now.

any ideas?

I've tried with the /Nogiveio option, that didn't help...

2009-12-14 05:47


debug.nfo (3,148 bytes)


2010-08-19 22:51

reporter   ~0005357

I poked about a bit on Google, and it works if you run speedfan in Windows XP compatibility mode (I think SP2, but play around with it).


2010-09-15 18:50

reporter   ~0005412

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had the same problem on a dell Inspiron 1521 running Windows 7 (32bit), was showing no fan speed and only core temp. Turned on dell support and tested on 4.42 Beta 2 and 4.41, dell support crashed on both. Running it in XP Compatibility mode SP2 fixed the crash and displayed Fan/Core/GPU/DIMM/CPU values.

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